For many fans of proper chai, making the perfect cup is something of an art form. So Pamban’s  founders have decided to share their knowledge and will be launching a series of chai and coffee masterclasses on the first Tuesday of each month, starting from 5 September 2017. 

The masterclasses will run from 7pm until 9.30pm and cost £25 per person. Guests will be greeted with welcome drinks, allowing them to sample some of the café’s most popular concoctions, such as chai, faluda and deliciously creamy jaggery milkshakes.

Over some delicious nibbles, Pamban’s founders will kick off the evening by revealing what drew them to coffee and chai. Next, the masterclass will begin. Guests will learn how to select and mix spices to create their own bespoke chai as well as learn how to brew the perfect coffee and even try their hand at latte art.

Greetings will take place in an array of aromas coming from the range of exotic spices and herbs, such as lavender, rose, ginger and saffron. 

The masterclass of the 5th Sept can be booked through this link:

Future events can be booked via email or phone: T: 07595547003 / [email protected]