Inspired by two unique cultures and cuisines, sushinho will combine Brazilian chic with the elegance and efficiency of Japan. It’s set to open early December on the King’s Road in Chelsea and will undoubtedly be a hit with diners looking for something a bit different.

The restaurant is the brainchild of Oliver Girardet – a world traveller, gourmand and fan of all things Latin American – and will take the usual sushi restaurant offerings and infuse them with Brazilian spirit to create something that is impressive but unpretentious.

The menu is a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian and European fare, and will include dishes like tempura maki rolls; bruléd foie gras and mango sushi; and their creative take on pizza – crusty flatbread topped with wasabi aioli and tuna or salmon sashimi. The bar will offer similarly innovative creations such as the Sakeirinha (a Caipirinha with sake instead of Cachaça) and chilled green tea with whisky.

The interior will have none of the conveyor belts and minimalism you might expect, but instead feature warm tones and splashes of vibrant colour. There will also be a lounge and club downstairs where Chelsea locals can enjoy exotic cocktails and music that offers infectious samba tracks mixed with funky street beats.