A Mediterranean food hub for all things meze, original brunch dishes, greek wine and cocktails.

If you’re abeam with social media food scene particularly brunch, a vibrant poached egg plate by Brother Marcus likely have made its presence on your Insta feed numerous times by now.

But this small restaurant chain is not just about brunch. First opening its doors to Balham and yes at that time to brunch goers back in 2016 it has since expanded its wings far beyond that.

It now has sites in Spitalfields, Angel, Borough Yards and South Kensington serving Mediterranean inspired small plates, cocktails and wine, with a heavy emphasis on Greek wines.

Started by three friends Alex, Arthur and Tasos, the concept draws inspiration from Tasos’ Cretan family recipes that have been passed down through generations.

I visit the Borough Yards branch to sample some of those recipes for myself. It’s a bright venue with floor to ceiling glass walls letting plenty of natural light in.

Light-hued wood decors, rattan lamp shades and hanging plants along the ceiling gives out chiringuito vibes, if only the sand and sea was right there.

While it’s missing the seaside views it certainly compensates with the dishes especially the fish. They serve I couldn’t retain my excitement when I saw it – gurnard.

I even did a quick online search to make sure it’s the same gurnard we were talking about. And it was, red with its somewhat trapezoid shaped body was served right here in London.

It’s prepared butterfly style and deboned tossed with plenty of almonds and gremolata with fresh dill, the perfect herb for the fish.

To accompany, although some might find it an odd paring, I chose sweet potato fritters topped with a poached egg from the Brunch Classics section. 

The dish boasts vibrant green colours and is packed with nutritional ingredients including courgette, kale, feta, avocado and a tangy turmeric yogurt dip. It’s a healthy powerhouse without the typical diet-like taste

Both dishes are prepared perfectly, the fresh fish brings back the sunny memories of me brunching on a Mediterranean coast.

Priced very competitively at only 17.80. I’ll definitely be marching back there soon.

As it’s past the brunch hour I go for more of an evening cocktail – Axia white bergamot negroni in collaboration with MALIN+GOETZ. Another Greek gem and unique to Chios island is mastiha based spirit, distilled from the resin of mastiha trees.

I’m amazed by how smooth it tastes with a complete absence of that negroni alcohol kick. Although the strong volume is certainly present it’s well concealed in its uplifting italicus and sublime bergamot notes, with Axia adding slightly woody undernotes.

For desserts it’s of course baklava sandwich and I’m tempted by the lime, orange & sumac tart, having a prior quick search what sumac is exactly.

The backlava is a generous slice of sweet phyllo pastry oozing with honey stickiness as I try to cut it. It proves rather tricky as scoops of pistachio ice cream get squeezed out in the process.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t detract from its delightful taste with rich natural pistachio notes the ice cream elevates the sugary baklava well.

The slice is so ample that I opt to save it for later plus I still have the meringues on the citrus tart peaking at me.

I’m not sure I detect any lime but there is abundance of orange skin in the cream for sure sitting on a crumbly tart base. And sumac, which is ground dried berries of a sumac shrub common throughout the world in case you wondered.

Two very different desserts, with tart being light enough for one person to enjoy fully and the baklava more of a share unless you have a “big” sweet tooth.

I’ve already mentioned I’d be marching back to Brother Marcus soon for more dishes to try and the booking systems speak for themselves, being booked up on the dates I planned to stride there again.

If you like Mediterranean kitchen, fresh dishes, even brunch and cocktails without plans to break the bank, this is the spot.