Located in the heart of Soho, on the legendary Greek Street, Beasy Bar is all about great cocktails and good comfort food.

Beasy is a speakeasy style bar with welcoming friendly ambience, humble staff who know how to make great cocktails and a selection of hotdogs and nibbles including potato tots to choose from.

Beasy recently celebrated it’s one year birthday. So of course I had to check it out. It’s a fairly small cozy venue with mostly tall bar stools placed along the walls and the bar with a good spirit selection.

Its simple décor resembles Parisian speakeasy bar a little bit, although the dishes are certainly New York style.

We had a little tour and learnt that there is also secret 58B room downstairs available for private hire, events and also larger bookings. We’re told even walk ins are sometimes seated there during peak hours.

I make a mental note for myself 58B is a great little gem to remember for special occasions. We then go back upstairs and look through the menu.

Drinks menu has the staples but with a twist such as coffee infused bourbon old fashioned, mescal negroni and rum espresso martini. I spot mescal on the menu so I ask for a mescal margarita normally it’s a spicy margarita, while my guest goes for mescal negroni.

The drinks arrive promptly and so does the food. We trust the experience so we let the waiter bring the dishes he decides. We get melted tater tots and paprika. The melted comes topped with plenty of cheesy sauce, Beasy sweet chilli sauce and oregano sprinkled.

It’s both cheesy and sweet with a aromatic herbal note. The tots are delicious. I’m partial to comfort food but with these I’m instantly hooked. We also get chicken chunks, which are batter coated pieces in honey mustard glaze.

They’re savoury and sweet at the same time, just as delicious but too hot to eat immediately. Last but not least we also get mac&cheese bites, they are little crispy balls with creamy macaroni inside.

We like the four bowls and take turns grabbing bites from each of them. Our waiter does not to fill up too much as we have hotdogs to try, which is difficult given the nibble bowls are so good.

But we have to pause. We get four hotdogs to try, which was a struggle to finish but I did leave with tater tots in take away boxes. First to arrive is Fresh it’s a hotdog with handmade salsa, Beasy sweet shill sauce, avocado and crispy onions in soft and fluffy bun.

The sausage is nice and smoky, it’s definitely my favorite dog. To my surprise I also learn it’s turkey and not pork. My guest gives preference to smashed cheeseburger, which is basically a cheeseburger in a shape of a hotdog. It comes with cheese sauce, sriracha, pickled cucumber and of cause the smashed beef burger. It’s a clever take on a hotdog or burger depends how you look at it I guess.

We also try Chicky Dog with chicken fillets, mayo and parmesan cheese. The chicken is crisp and there is plenty in the bun. All of the hotdogs taste very fresh and you can tell the guys in the kitchen use high quality ingredients.

What we also notice, which is intentional we’re told is that each bite is the same, the ingredients spread out evenly making sure each mouthful delivers the same flavour as the one before.

For the final hotdog we go for BBQ, which is a beef sausage, caramelised onions, crispy bacon bits and BBQ sauce. I love the sausage but a bit too much bbq sauce for me on this one. My guest loves it though and starts to contemplate on his favorite.

We’re defiantly starting to struggle now we take the tots home and try the final hotdog, the sweet version. So even the dessert here is hotdog inspired, it’s a banana with nutella and crushed biscuit served in the same steamed hotdog bun.

Is it sweet? Yes, but not overpowering. The dessert is enough to share. I’d say the place is certainly a place to visit in groups of 2+ for the sharing purposes. We have room for one more drink I get pina colada with all the classical elements plus a secret ingredient (I’m not told what that is) while my guest goes for old fashioned.

And we simply love them both. They both have well balanced ingredients with just that kick of alcohol. The man behind the bar knows what he is doing.

Even if you’re not a foodie when it comes to comfort food you should check Beasy out for the cocktails and the sociable ambience. They also do plenty of vegan hotdogs too.

Beasy, 58 Greek St, London W1D 3DY