Coin Laundry, 70 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QP

I’ve had two’70s Porn Star’ in the past hour and my partner watched me the whole time. Mind you, he did not hold back either.

The Coin Laundry is a thriving bar and eatery with retro throwbacks to the seventies from its food and drinks menu as well as well as its refectory-style seating. You may have gathered, it also has an entertaining use of proper nouns on its drinks’ menu.

This place enshrines all things nostalgia even on its bar snacks menu, which features the unappealing sounding Chicken Fat Popcorn and Ham Hock Fritters – which I bypass in favour of a dish of rather bizarre alchemy: Spaghetti Bolognaise croquettes – deep fried spaghetti bolognaise. Moreover, a dish of moreish cockles with vinegar is enough to make me thirsty.

The cocktail menu beckons. It features the louche sounding Porn Star Martini – which comes with a separate serving of dance-round-your-handbag Babycham. The Pisco Inferno – with lime, egg white has an outlandish pout with the addition of pink pepper, lime and Pineapple shrub (a sweet and sour vinegar type concoction, which adds personality).

I think the only thing from the cocktails’ menu I wasn’t too fond of was a White Chocolate and Raspberry Bellini, which, unfortunately reminds me of the kind of cheesecakes one might buy from a high-street frozen food retailer.

But there were plenty of others to choose from including Grape Rickey – red grape and elder flower soda stream vodka and tequila and Stone Fence: a Bourbon, cider syrup, ginger beer and lime are a great fusion of flavours – all in all a happy drinks menu which enlivens your evening.

Coin Laundry gets busy as the evenings goes on and if you’re over thirty or actually want to hear what someone’s saying: you’re best off upstairs, where the tables are waited by friendly and attentive staff – though if you’re a young sort – there is a buzzing bar where you can avoid people like me.