A new Mediterranean style pizza restaurant – Gallio is bringing a new concept of pizza making to Canary Wharf. At Gallio it is all about the dough, made from ancient grains and proved naturally.

Nestled on a second level of Cabot Place in Canary Wharf right above the station entrance, brand new Mediterranean pizza restaurant Gallio is a perfect relaxing hub after work in the London’s business central district, a cultural tour to the Museum of London Docklands, or shopping in the mall next door. 

Gallio’s menu is inspired by a colourful Mediterranean diet including whipped beetroot borani, lamb meatballs, loaded flatbreads and grilled Moroccan chicken shish; plus vibrant bowls such as roasted aubergine, pesto-rissa salmon and lamb kofta, seasonal salads with quinoa and pomegranate and pizzas.

Gallio’s pizzas are made different though. The secret is in the dough. This is made from ancient grains and left to prove naturally, increasing the nutritional value content while reducing that feeling “bloated after pizza” state.

As a slight wheat intolerant consumer, I can definitely confirm we left feeling light yet fulfilled after a three- course meal, despite the bountiful portions and generous toppings.

We started off with a cocktail each: Sicilian Sunshine (Malfy Gin, lemon, orange and cardamom) for me and Mediterranean Martini (apricot, vanilla, vodka, lemon, Prosecco) for my guest.

The Sicilian Sunshine was refreshing with light citrus flavors and a good gin kick, which was much enjoyed by me. My guest was slightly disappointed by a tad overpowering sweet notes in hers.

For starters we went for a grilled Moroccan chicken shish served with flatbread and a tahini yogurt dip and a whipped beetroot borani. We polished the plates within minutes leaving dipping cups in a hope that we can scrap out the remaining sauce with our pizza crust. 

The mains menu was tempting. We contemplated between different pizzas, Gallio Caesar or even a Pesto-rissa salmon or Moroccan Spiced Chicken bowl. The choice was made for pizzas because my guest and I were both intrigued by the ancient grains thin and crispy pizza bases.

The pizzas arrived promptly and we dived in. I had a Moroccan Spiced lamb with a generous serving of lamb mince, labneh, spiced rose harissa, which is Gallio’s signature ingredient. The pizza was topped with a spiced guindilla peppers and a touch of fresh mint, which complemented the lamb perfectly adding just the right amount of spice.

Meanwhile my guest enjoyed Proper Ham and Mushroom pizza topped with prosciutto, wild mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella and signature red.

The verdict: the pizzas exceeded our expectations for certain. Whether it was due to their distinctive pizza dough, which positively sets Gallio apart from other London pizzerias, or the individual character of mixing Italian ingredients with Mediterranean and Moroccan flavors remains a question for us.

Delighted by our first two courses we rushed through the dessert menu to make sure we got our hands on something sweet before the kitchen closed. Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake, Lemon Swirl Cheesecake, Molten Chocolate Fondant and Amarena Cherry & Almond, Pistachio, Vanilla gelatos all got our attention.

We decided to share Lemon Swirl Cheesecake and complement it with 2 scoops of dark chocolate sorbet completely missing the VE writing next to both of them.

It was only when the Gallio’s staff asked us for our thoughts on the desserts that we learnt both were vegan! We could not believe it. The cheesecake was so light yet creamy while the gelato…

Well, I am a bit of a gelato and sorbet snob having visited proper gelaterias in Italy. I am not talking about the glowing synthetically coloured, sometimes neon blue (Smurfs come to mind) gelatos displayed under bright lighting on tourist promenades of Italian sea resorts.

I’m talking about traditional tucked away gelaterias, filled with locals, eager children pulling their parents’ hand in an attempt to hurry up the gelato serving and a friendly Italian lady who serves the refreshing delight, but often does not speak a single word of English.

The Gallio’s gelato was exactly that, the type that an Italian family would queue for. It even made me wonder if Gallio also keeps its gelatos under the traditional stainless-steel swirl tub lid.

Of course, the décor deserves a separate mention too. Its warm sunshine colors with live plants, including an actual olive tree, reed lamp shades under an exposed ceiling and terracotta toned padded benches prepped against green glazed tiled walls, create a relaxing Mediterranean feel, bringing the holiday memories back.

Gallio is definitely the spot to keep in mind for lunch or dinner, or as we learnt breakfast too. The breakfast menu has breakfast classics along the newly popular within the British food scene brunch item – shakshuka, perfect dish for colder months. We will be back to Gallio soon for sure.

Dine at Gallio during its soft launch and enjoy… 50% OFF ANY PIZZA

January 12th January Until SUNDAY 23 JANUARY 2022*

The Atrium Kitchen, Level 2, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, E14 4QT


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