The Pilgrims bring their perfect pizzas to Selfridges in a super sustainable way that’s also delicious.

“Take a basil leaf and try it,’ says our genial waiter referring to the ‘living corridor’ of basil plants we’ve just walked through.

‘Thanks,’ I say rather indistinctly through a mouth already full of basil leaves – I hadn’t waited to be asked.

 A  3-metre hydroponic basil tunnel (in partnership with Harvest London) cheers up the entrance to Pizza Pilgrims’ pop up on the 4th Floor at Selfridges (best to remember the location, as I saw no signs downstairs).

Pizza Pilgrims’ call this place the sustainable ‘pizzeria of the future’. The pizza dough is made using only regenerative wheat and the upholstery is crafted from fully vegan Pinatex, a leather alternative made from pineapples, and the open-style bar serves drinks from fully reusable kegs with no single use plastics.

It’s also part of Project Earth, which is Selfridges’ sustainability commitment to offer more meat-free and plant-based options in its restaurants and Foodhall. Last week we reviewed the upmarket and very stylish Adesse, the review is here.

The seats are remarkable, so much like leather I defy anyone to tell the difference. They’re super comfy as well, as are the small stools with their cute cork tops.

Considering this pizzeria has been quickly built in what is an otherwise rather dull, and mostly unfrequented, corner of Selfridges it looks very good.

As does the menu. All your Pilgrim faves, with some new Selfridge Specials.

We drink excellent Negronis, but they have too much ice in such a short glass. In order to get the glass up to drinking angle I have to suffer a landslide of cold lumps into my eyes. First world problem, I agree.

Crispy fried potato gnocchi served with red pepper tapenade are rather lovely, slightly gluey as gnocchi tend to be, but not excessively so and we bolt these down along with ‘tear & share’ mozzarella garlic pizza bread using their 48 hour pizza dough. We move on to draught beer from my local heroes – Gypsy Hill Brewing.

So many of the pizzas sound good, but we have to try the Selfridges Specials: UK wagyu beef salami, bufala dop and poponcini peppers  with buffalo mozzarella and pickled peppers, and Smoked Salmon Pizza -a white pizza baked with an ‘everything bagel’ seed crust, topped with H. Forman & Son ‘London Cure’ smoked salmon , whipped mascarpone, sliced red onions, capers and fresh dill.

The Salmon pizza is leaping fresh, the smoked salmon has been put on top at the last second so it’s warmed by the pizza and not cooked – perfect. I love the whipped mascarpone which is ‘blobbed’ onto the pizza so I can decide how much I want on each forkful. The whole thing is delightful, the base perfectly blistered and chewy. Gluten friendly bases are available on request.

Also good, I am told, is W’s salami pizza. W would pretty much live on pizza if his wife allowed it (his kids wouldn’t mind at all), and he knows his pizza stuff. He declares his choice ‘stunning’ and the best he’s had for a very long time. He doesn’t want one of his pickled chilis though, so I eat it. I do love pickled chilli.

All the Pilgrims’ desserts are on offer but we can’t do any more, sadly.

I first met the Pilgrims when they had only their Piaggio Ape van on Berwick Street, and their rise to pizza oligarchs has been remarkable and completely well deserved. This ‘sustainable pizzeria is a great idea and the new additions to the menu superb. Go!

Pizza Pilgrims
4th Floor, Selfridges
Oxford Street