For a jazzy party celebration or any occasion really check out new Madame F red, rosé and white wines.

If you are like me, who chooses a wine partly based on a bottle design you’ll like the bright designs of Madame F wine bottles, which certainly stand out on the wine shelves.

Madame F is a brave and original range of vegan wines, created in collaboration with LGBTQ+ charity Queer Britain. The purpose- driven partnership was built to celebrate the creative community of Queer Britain and support the nation’s first LGBTQ+ museum, which opened its doors to its first full exhibition in July 2022.

madame f rose

Born to celebrate those who are unafraid to boldly express their true selves, Madame F is a wine brand built on principles of creativity, passion, originality and inclusivity.

Madame F makes all three varieties: white, red and rosé. They are available in Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Queer Britain museum. I sampled all three and here are my thoughts.

Madame F White (12% ABV) was a great blend of creamy Viognier, citrus Colombard and floral Muscat. Muscat was both present on the nose and tongue.

There were aromas of ripe peach and citrus, with notes of pear and apple blossom. To taste, it was zesty lemon and lime with a hint of green apple and apricot and a little white pepper spice on the finish.

As a white it’ll compliment fish, seafood dish or citrus and vanilla cheesecake. I enjoyed a glass of Madame F white with sliced green apples, which paired well too.

A few days later I tried Madame F Rouge (13.5% ABV), which was a blend of vibrant Grenache, bold Shiraz and spicy Carignan. On the nose it was rich with aromas of dark fruit and oak.

madame f wines

To taste it was blackcurrant, dark cherry and herbal hints with a bold spice of Shiraz. I paired it with venison steak. It was a little too spiced and dry for me because of Shiraz.  

While Madame F Rosé (12% ABV) was a delicate yet fruity rosé wine like red it contained Grenache and citrusy Syrah.

It was a little fruity with strawberry and a spiced kick of white pepper and rosemary. It was quite delicate, balanced and easy drinking. We paired it with pale pink grapes like the rosé itself.

The wines can be found in Sainsbury’s, Queer Museum and now Ocado. Sophie Warren, Wine Buying Manager at Ocado mentions that Ocado is excited to have Madame F to be added to their range, showcasing uniqueness, diversity and also shaking up the wine category.

As noted by Sophie the three wines, which launched at the end of August is an exciting way for Ocado to show its support for the Queer Britain charity.

Queer Britain Museum

Queer Britain is a charity and LGBTQ+ museum. It is an essential place for all regardless of sexuality or gender identity, to find out about the culture they have been born into, have chosen or seek to understand.

Queer people have impacted every part of culture, yet all too often their lives have been written in the margins of history books. Queer Britain and Madame F believe that queer people’s stories should be understood by all and celebrated in all their rich diversity in their own, dedicated home.

Since opening the museum has welcomed thousands of visitors through the doors to view the archival work in a temporary display “Welcome to Queer Britain” and more recently the debut exhibition “We Are Queer Britain” which opened in July and will run until Spring 2023.

The “We Are Queer Britain” exhibition marks the 50th Anniversary of the UK’s first Pride March – a poignant turning point for gay liberation.

Some of the key objects exhibited include Oscar Wilde’s Reading Prison cell door; as well as a 1909 copy of De Profundis, his posthumously released letter from Reading Prison in 1897; iconic clothing including Divine’s ‘Octopus’ dress from her 1985 London stage show, a Rainbow hijab (lent by Faizan Fiaz, Imaan co-founder) and Olly Alexander’s rainbow outfit from his iconic 2019 Glastonbury performance.