Articles from October 2017

October 2017 Articles Archive from Foodepedia

  • Super Sausages You Need To Fry (Or Bake)

    Tuesday October 31st, 2017

    It’s UK Sausage Week this week so don’t waste your time with inferior bangers. We tried two delicious and different sausages that deserve special love.

  • The Best Bangers You Can Buy

    Saturday October 28th, 2017

    Who doesn't love a banging good banger? But why settle for plain old pork? The UK's banger makers are an inventive crowd so why not order up some of these sizzling beauties to ring the changes?

  • Pork Farms Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

    Saturday October 28th, 2017

    Who doesn’t love a Pork Pie? Especially an award-winning one. Nick gets his laughing gear around a Pork Farms Pork Pie.

  • Gin from the vine

    Tuesday October 24th, 2017

    Gin made from grapes? Sacrilege for some, a smart drink for others. Jo heads out to France to meet the iconoclastic distillers. And drink some gin, of course.

  • Wonderful Wine Dinner At The White Onion

    Sunday October 22nd, 2017

    Fancy a change from diner a deux? Want to be at a table with grown-ups who don’t take food pictures all night and know how to use a knife and fork? Then White Onion’s wine dinners will be just right for you.

  • OXO Good Grips Egg Poacher

    Saturday October 21st, 2017

    How do you like your poached eggs? Perfect we hope and this little gadget from OXO does the job just right

  • Spelt by Sharpham Park

    Saturday October 21st, 2017

    Sideline the spuds, remove the rice. Spelt is your new go to grain and Sharpham Park Spelt is just about the best you can buy.

  • Spiller & Tait. The freshest coffee direct to your door

    Saturday October 21st, 2017

    Love your coffee? You’ll love the coffees from Spiller & Tait, the award winning coffee suppliers that really care about their Joe.

  • Dell'Ugo Pasta Plus

    Thursday October 19th, 2017

    Apparently us Brits get through about 10 lb of pasta a year,each. As that is clearly nowhere near enough, Dell’Ugo have launched a new tempting range called Pasta Plus to increase consumption

  • Seven seas of Rye

    Wednesday October 18th, 2017

    Rye has five times the fibre content of refined wheat and a low GI score, so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar. And the carbs are slow-releasing, fuelling you for longer.

  • Dr Oetker Bake In A Box

    Wednesday October 18th, 2017

    As it says on the box, simply tear off the lid, empty the sachet into your box, add milk, mix and bake in the box. The instructions are clearly provided and very easy to follow too.

  • Get your Modena running

    Tuesday October 17th, 2017

    Fast cars, fat singers, fine food and fizzy Lambrusco, in Modena you get to experience it all.

  • A Prince Among Beers. Kaltenberg

    Tuesday October 10th, 2017

    When is a beer not a beer? When it breaks the purity law. That’s the firm opinion of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria and he should know, he owns a whole brewery.

  • Live slow, dine fun

    Tuesday October 3rd, 2017

    The slow-cooker is back in fashion. Neil Rankin of Temper restaurants and author of Low and Slow, gives a lesson in lagging.