How many times have you, upon seeing the first promise of 17 + temperatures, fired up the BBQ with not more than a moment’s thought? We’ve all been there; getting the coals ready in excitement; then the crushing disappointment when you realise the grill is still filthy with last year’s bangers. Firemart, the fire safety specialists, have noticed how many people

are guilty of this cardinal grilling sin.

Firemart advise the following fire safety tips:

  • Barbecues should only be used on a flat site
  • Ensure they are kept away from sheds, trees, shrubs and anything else that could catch fire
  • Barbecues should never be left unattended
  • Children, pets and any garden games/activities should be kept well away from the barbecue area
  • Have a bucket of sand or water available in case of an emergency
  • A fire blanket can also be used on this type of fire
  • Ensure the barbecue has cooled down after use before moving or cleaning

Firemart also advise people to be aware of food safety when it comes to barbecuing in order to avoid food poisoning. This is of particular interest to those of us who enjoy lots of meat and fish. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean that standard food practice doesn’t apply!

  • Clean your barbecue thoroughly to remove any traces of food from previous use
  • Frozen meat should be properly thawed before cooking on a barbecue
  • Remember to turn the meat regularly to ensure it is cooked evenly throughout
  • Keep raw meat and cooked foods separate by using separate containers and utensils
  • Raw meat and any perishable foods should be kept refrigerated until ready for use, if a fridge isn’t available then use a cool bag or ice packs.

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