Easter has long been synonymous with fish and as houses across the UK will be tucking into the traditional Good Friday fish pie or something similar, why not do something different this year and head over to Billingsgate Seafood School to learn some truly fantastic recipes that will impress the whole family?

Billingsgate Seafood School is running a range of special Easter classes from Maundy Thursday to Saturday:

Maundy Thursday – Participants are taught a host of seafood dishes, including tasty tuna and chilli burgers, seafood sausages and tandoori prawns

Good Friday – Seafood Lasagne, making both the pasta and preparing the fish

Saturday – Bread and fish with a mezze of fish dishes created and cooking bread

These three classes mean visitors can choose exactly which fish themed lesson floats their boat (pun definitely intended). With classes running between the 2nd and the 4th of April and costing between £85 and £150, with the additional option of touring the market pre class on the Friday, visitors are sure to leave brimming with inspiration and a greater understanding of fish.

Billingsgate Market, Trafalgar Way, London E14 5ST