Trifle with Jamaica Ginger Cake

The recipe uses Jamaica Ginger Cake rather than traditional ladyfingers to keep the trifle moist and tasty, and the gentle spices really work well with the fruit. The rum complements the ginger, but if you’re preparing this for the kids you can always leave it out


1 and 1/2 pkts Jamaica Ginger Cake

1pt blackcurrant jelly or strawberry jelly

230g pineapple pieces – keep some of the pineapples & mango for decoration

230g mango pieces

1pt custard

1oz melted chocolate

8tbs spiced rum

20fl.oz double cream

1tsp vanilla essence

2dsp caster sugar


Slice 1pkt Jamaica Ginger Cake – leave the half packet for decoration. Lay the cake at the bottom of the bowl then cover with the pineapple and mango before sprinkling with the spiced rum.

Pour the jelly over the cake and fruit and then place in the fridge to allow the jelly to set over night. Make the custard and allow to cool before pouring over the jelly.

Put the trifle back in the fridge to allow the custard to set – approximately one hour. In a bowl pour the double cream, add the vanilla essence and sugar and whisk to a peek. Remove the trifle from the fridge and cover the mixture with the cream using a pallet knife for spreading.

Put some cream in a piping bag to make rosettes and then decorate with the pineapple, mango and Jamaica Ginger Cake. Put the melted chocolate in a greaseproof piping bag, cut a small piece from the end and then sprinkle the chocolate over the trifle before serving.

Ginger cake truffles

These tasty truffles are a great indulgence for after dinner party treats. Or if you’re feeling particularly generous you can prepare them as gifts for friends – they’ll taste better than a shop-bought box of chocolates because they’re homemade! You could even buy a nice little box or bag to put them in.

The fruity flavour of the cherries combined with the silky smooth milk chocolate and warming spice of the rum and Jamaica Ginger Cake make this a treat to be treasured.


1 pkt Jamaica Ginger Cake

4tbs rum (optimal) or 2tbs apricot jam dissolved with 1tbs hot water

150g (6ozs) milk chocolate

100g (4oz) glace cherries – chopped

50g (2ozs) chocolate vermicelli


Break the chocolate into pieces in either a small saucepan or bowl that will sit in a pot of gentle simmering water – the water must not touch the chocolate otherwise it will go hard.

In a bowl break up the Ginger Cake and sprinkle in the chopped cherries. Mix them all together and then bind the mixture together with the rum or apricot.

Roll the mixture into little balls, approx 1oz/25g – there should be approximately 28 balls – place them on a plate.

Roll the cake balls in the melted chocolate, and then roll them in the vermicelli before placing them in little cases. These can be given as a gift or served to friends and family.

More recipes are available on the Jamaica Ginger Cake website or on the official Facebook page