Finding five a day a chore? Nick finds that  when you have a combined juicer, smoothie maker and citrus press, like the Novis Vita Juicer, it’s a pleasure

The devil they say is in the detail, the little things that tell you when a job’s been done very well or just adequately.

The outlet spout on the Novis Vita Juicer can be clicked to horizontal after the juice has finished running out.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal does it? But anyone who has a juicer knows that no matter how finished the flow seems to be, when you come back a few minutes later there will be a small annoying puddle of incontinence on the work top. By simply clicking the Novis’s nozzle up you guarantee no drips. Someone at the designers had a brilliantly simple idea and acted on it.

Of course there’s more to the Novis than just a smart spout. As soon as you unpack it the thing oozes quality workmanship and materials, just as you’d expect from something Swiss made.  It has reassuring weight, perfect finishes on all surfaces and every part slots and twists and clicks with a smooth action that speaks of fine tolerances and engineering excellence. It makes you happy that you bought it even before you use it.

It’s a multi-functional juicer, citrus press and smoothie maker and it comes in a range of gorgeous colours, with the one we were loaned being a brilliant orange. Because it is such an efficient juicer, it has a non-ejecting centrifugal juicer which means higher juice,  it doesn’t  need a pulp collector. The result is a very compact’footprint’ on the work surface, handy as these days we all tend to have more and more gadgets to find room for.

The juice we make most often at home, with our now sadly antiquated seeming juicer, is carrot, apple and ginger so that’s what we tried first.

The feed chute on the Novis is very wide, this makes it easy to drop large unpeeled chunks in and with no jamming as its shape allows it to draw the materials in without the need to shove them down. Powered up it’s remarkably low noise but works very fast.  It’s self-regulating rotary speed goes up to 2,000 RPM and  automatically reacts to different consistencies to achieve the best results while its little’air feet’ absorb any vibrations.

The juice ran and after drinking it we inspected inside. Far less pulp than usual,  so obviously very efficient. What pulp remained was made up of skin, so that was fine. Then came the real acid test, cleaning.

All juicers are similar in that after juicing you want to get the filter into water fast. Once the pulp in the mesh dries, you’re looking at some serious hard work to shift it, possibly involving dynamite.

The Novis’s components come apart quickly and easily, even that clever spout detaches, and we found rinsing the filter under the tap shifted 99% of the pulp straightaway, with a light sponging doing away with the rest. All the detachable parts are also dishwasher safe, should your home boast  such a luxury.

Rearranging parts turns the machine into a smoothie maker or a citrus press, extra features which really earn its money The citrus press is unique as it features,’Viatec® technology where the combination of a citrus press and centrifuge disc create a super-smooth, pulp-rich juice that does not quickly separate and retains 20% more nutrients than conventional juicers.’

Well it certainly does a good fast job on oranges and grapefruits and the juice out seemed as good as any I’ve had in any fancy cafe. Again it works very quietly and efficiently with the carefully designed shape of the scraper meaning minimum downward pressure is required to ensure the press takes every last bit of goodness out of the halved fruits.

As for smoothies, again all that’s needed is a quick part change, adding a’wiper blade’ that scrapes the filter, and off you go. I ran banana and mango through it, very sticky fruits that will clog conventional juicers, plus a small dash of milk to loosen the blend and a very smooth smoothie came out.

Riddled with unique patents and winner of Consumer’s Choice in the Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2014, Initiative LifeCare awards for functionality, design and innovation,  it’s a gorgeous bit of kit that combines form and function perfectly. If Apple made a juicer it would probably look a lot like this, but of course would be only available in white.

Yes it does cost £299 RRP, but just like Apple products if you want the very best, and you want to impress, then that’s the price you have to pay.

Watch the Novis Vita Juicer in action 

All Novis Vita Juicer customers instantly become a member of the Vita Club, which offers exclusive access to the Novis App, which includes lots of recipe suggestions


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