So you already speak some Italian but don’t know what’s going on when your Italian friends start speaking with their hands?

Help is available from Pizza Rossa, the City-based pizza al taglio specialist at 4-12 Whittington Avenue, Leadenhall Market, when on Thursday 23 April from 6 pm to 9 pm, it will not only feed your hunger but also your imagination with an interactive’Italian Gestures’ show.  Stereotypes, language and culture – and good food – will come together under one roof. 

Pizza Rossa have teamed up with movie director and producer Luca Vullo, an expert in Italian gestures, to bring  you a very entertaining evening,  a show, an interactive fun workshop, and of course a lot of delicious pizza. Apparently Italians use around 250 gestures daily, so there is much to learn and keep you entertained. The evening is priced at £20 per person, with drinks available as extra for purchase. The event is bookable on Eventbrite

Producer of the’Voice of the Body’, a film about gestures specifically found in Sicily, and actively involved in cultural events, art fairs and film festivals, Luca Vullo says: ‘Sliding the back of your chin is not nearly as offensive as it may seem to non-Italians. It translates as “I don’t mind” or “I don’t care”, and can be used in a host of social situations’. 

You may want to learn how to’praise perfection’ when tasting the gorgeous selection of pizzas from Pizza Rossa, and you can do this by putting a finger and thumb together on the lips, like sending a kiss. 

Uncovering the meaning behind those hand movements will add a new dimension to your enjoyment of a holiday in Italy, and if your Italian is limited, you will still know what the locals are really saying without verbal communication. Or you can order your pizza without saying a word.

‘Italian Gestures’ kicks off a series of new evening events for Pizza Rossa, which regularly hosts the’Italian Aperitif’,  tasting events and pizza making masterclasses.

Pizza Rossa: 4-12 Whittington Avenue, corner of Leadenhall Street at Leadenhall Market, London EC3V 1AB

Tel: 020 7621 0676

Nearest Tube: Bank