Maille have created three new mustards to usher in spring and summer and they are fit for a king, at least they are if the name is anything to go by.

A potager is what we brits might call the Vegetable Garden, or more prosaically, an allotment but it’s unlikely you’d find a king sitting around in the latter. Apart from anything else his flat cap would not go too well on top of his crown.

In fact of course, this new Spring – Summer Collection is about the cuisine of the past and refers to the French Royal Court’s favourite ingredients with are in these three new mustards drawing inspiration from the French Royal Kitchen Garden.

You can buy these mustards online.

Mustard with White Wine, Morello Cherry and Almond

This is quite mild as a mustard but that Morello cherry is excellently fruity and means it will pair surprising;y well with desserts. Maille have come up with this one for you to try.

Strawberry Juice, Thin Meringue, Mousseline Sauce with Maille Moutarde Cerise Griotte et Pointe d’Amande 

Mustard with White Wine, Basil and Fennel

Ever so slightly stronger, this combination of delicate aniseed fennel flavour and the aromatic notes of basil makes you think of the Medittrenean and so fittingly, Maille have created a recipe that meets that thought head on.

Langoustine, Orange, and Lemon Cream Bonbons with Maille Basilic et Pointe de Fenouil (Mustard with Basil and Fennel)

Mustard with White Wine, Green Peas and Chive Blossoms

The strongest of the three but still relatively mild, this mustard zings along when paired with the freshest of vegetables as in this recipe.

Lemon-balm Jelly with Small Spring Vegetables with Maille Moutarde Petits Pois et Pointe de Fleur de Ciboulette (Mustard with Green Peas and Chive Flowers)