There’s A Beer For That has collaborated with beer sommelier and expert Annabel Smith to perfectly pair beers with chocolate, just in time for Easter! Whether you prefer rich dark chocolate, or a spicy chili chocolate we have it covered.

Saltaire Triple Chocoholic Stout  ABV 4.8% paired with Cadburys Dairy Milk Easter Egg

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Price: £2.50

Beer match: Saltaire Triple Chocoholic Stout – Renowned for the real chocolate and chocolate syrups used in the brewing process, with a roasty bitter finish. Enhancing the sweet Dairy Milk Easter egg it combines with rich chocolate flavor perfectly. The hoppy quality of the stout provides a balancing bitterness to the sweetness.

Wells and Youngs Banana Bread Beer ABV 5.2%  paired with Cadburys Crème Eggs

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Price: £1.89

Beer match: Wells and Youngs Banana Bread Beer – The heady Banana aroma of this unique beer, leaves sweetness on the palate with a clean finish. The crispness of this strong ale, accompanies the sweet fondant and chocolate in the egg cutting through the lingering sweetness with a hint of bitterness.

Blue Moon paired ABV 5.4% with Terrys Chocolate Orange

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Price: £1.79

Beer match: Blue Moon –This refreshing white Belgian White has a smooth finish, often served with a slice of fresh orange. Blue Moon’s fruity and spicy notes perfectly compliment the chocolate orange, and provide a lift to the strong flavor. Oats are integral to this brewing of this beer, and they provide a welcome creaminess that are the perfect combination to the chocolate.

llkley Mayan ABV 5.3% paired with Turkish Delight

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Price: £3.32

Beermatch: llkley Mayan – This bittersweet, smooth and subtly Smokey beer packs a punch, that leaves your taste buds tingling. The peppery and coca notes of the Mayan are the ideal accompaniment to the sticky sweetness of the Turkish delight. The warming chipotle flavors help to refresh the palate to create something special!

Kriek (Cherry Beer)  ABV 7% paired with Dark Chilli Chocolate


Price: £7.19

Beermatch: Kriek Cherry Beer – The fermented cherry juice added to this delicious Belgian brown ale gives it a fresh taste fading to a full-bodied finish. Kreiks rich and fruity flavor enhances the chili bite but prevents it from over whelming your palate and it provides a lift to the strong of the dark chocolate.

Adnam’s Sole Bay ABV 10% paired with Montezumas Peeling White Chocolate

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Price: £11.99

Beermatch: Adnam’s Sole Bay –  Brewed in the style of a sparking Belgian beer, has been matured for 6 months giving it some of the bready features usually associated with wine or Champagne. The gently carbonate nature of this celebratory beer, lift the palate from being overwhelmed by the creamy finish of the white chocolate.

Thwaites Tavern Porter paired with Chocolate Cup Cakes

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Price: £2.19

Beermatch: Thwaites Tavern Porter – The refreshing porter compliments the deep chocolate flavor with a hint of smokiness and liquorice.  Its full body, and slight bitter after taste are the ideal accompaniment to the chocolate cupcake.