There’s a Beer for That’s expert sommelier, Steve Livens has put together the following 5 beer matches to perfectly compliment your favourite barbecued meats this Summer. 

As we move into the summer months there are a huge range of beers that really come into their own for the warmer days ahead.  A personal favourite are the delicious, smokey and roasted flavours of barbecued meat and fish which are a hit with a wide range of beers; from the light fresh character of a cold lager to the hoppy, citrus notes of pale ales right down to the complex dark, smokey flavours of porters, stouts and dark lagers.

Burgers – Guinness West Indies Porter

Available from:

RRP: £1.65

ABV:  6.0%

The fruity, bitter and roasted notes of this wonderful complex dark and hoppy beer will complement the darker, smoky flavor of a barbecue burger perfectly.

Sausages – Negra Modelo 

Available from:

RRP: £1.89

ABV: 5.30%

Just as dark but lighter tasting than a porter or stout and with all of the roasted, toasty flavours, some caramel sweetness and nice hit of fruit and gently bitter hops.        Perfect with a savoury, herbal sausage!

Chicken drumsticks – Schiehallion 

Available from:

RRP: £2.29

ABV: 4.80%

Golden and refreshing, slightly sweet and pale biscuity flavours give way to citrus, grapefruit and delicate tropical fruit notes. A perfect beer pairing with a soft, juicy chicken drumstick.

Lamb Chops – Beavertown Gamma Ray

Available from:

RRP: £2.40

 ABV: 5.40%

The big, punchy fruity hops and dry, nutty malts of this       American style Pale Ale at once complement and cut through the gorgeous, rich, fatty flavours of a lamb chop.

Steak – Marstons Pedigree

Available from:

RRP: £1.99

ABV: 4.50%

Delivering perfect balance between fresh peppery, herbal hops, slightly sweet and nutty maltiness and a natural, dry effervescence this traditional British beer makes for the perfect pairing with the savouriness of a rich and juicy steak.

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