Condiment connoisseur, Tracklements, has launched its special edition take on an Asian classic just in time for Chinese New Year – Hot and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

I’m quite particular about my chilli sauce – not to sweet, not too much vinegar, and with a nice hot kick. Tracklements’ variation on this classic sauce didn’t disappoint. It has a nice fieriness that builds on the tongue the more you eat.

The Hot and Sweet Chilli Sauce is perfect for enjoying as a dip or drizzling sauce. It has back notes of sweetness, that thankfully aren’t overpowering – perfect for those Chinese New Year spring rolls to be dunked into. Or, if you’re feeling a little less traditional, it also makes a great accompaniment to cheese, especially something indulgent like a baked camembert or brie. Trust me, it isn’t as mad as it sounds.

A lot of my sauces, once opened, sit for a very long time in the back of the fridge until I eventually unearth them 6 months later. However, this certainly hasn’t been the case with this versatile offering from Tracklements, as it can also be used in cooking. For example, try adding it to a stir fry – either meat-based or it adds a fantastic flavour to crispy tofu. The twist of lemon, measure of garlic, addition of fiery red and scotch bonnet chillies to the sauce mean it can be quite happily paired with a variety of different ingredients.

You need to be quick though – the Tracklements Hot and Sweet Chilli Sauce is only around for a limited period. It is available from fine food delis and farm shops nationwide, or online at, RRP £3.20