A recent poll of British adults from OnePoll revealed that a total of £2.7 billion will be slashed from spending and that 9% of those interviewed will cancel having friends and family over for the holidays in order to save money. According to James McIntosh, a UK home economist, it is possible to cook delicious meals this Christmas without following elaborate recipes and overspending. James’s new book mix. is a comprehensive guide to basic proportions in cookery, giving the quantities needed for simple, everyday, holiday recipes.

mix. contains over one hundred and seventy recipes – from how to make gravy to how to get the stuffing for your turkey just right, and how to make the perfect trifle or a Christmas soufflé! mix. is the first in a series of four books by James McIntosh. The next title, dinner., will be published on 18 December and will include wholesome dinnertime recipes for under £5. The two books to follow are veg. (to be published in January) and cake. (to be published in March). Priced at just £4.99, the cookbook series make good stocking stuffers.