‘Starting Over One Cake At A Time’ is the moving memoir of Gesine Bullock-Prado. Living an empty ‘Hollywood’ lifestyle and feeling miserable, the death of her mother was the final straw to finally push her to finding true happiness. Gesine was head of a Production Company, owned by her sister Sandra Bullock, but what she really wanted was to find a goal, a meaning, and a feeling of contentment which she had longed for. So she set out to refocus her life, it turned out that focus was in her favorite secret hobby, baking.

Despite having a health obsessed German mother, Gesine managed to cling onto her desire for all things sweet and her encounters from a young age with a chocolate-supplying Saint Nikolaus did everything to help. With every cake, she frosted and every pie she filled, her happiness and purpose in life grew. ‘Starting Over One Cake At A Time’ is a bittersweet cross between a memoir and a recipe book with recipes featured throughout. Humorous interlude adds character to her story, and when combined with personal anecdotes from her childhood, the eventual happiness she receives in finding her passion and following her dreams is the icing on the cake!

This book is a happy read for anyone who has ever dreamt of giving up the daily grind and breaking free to finally live their own personal dream. Filled with detailed, mouth-watering descriptions of delicious cakes and buns, and several delectable recipes, this book will fast become your missing kitchen utensil.