With the growth in popularity of Pinot Grigio, Hardys have recently launched a Pinot Grigio into their single grape variety range. We decided to give this newcomer to the Hardys wine stable a sampling to see what it is like. This Australian wine is, we understand, made from grapes grown inland on the banks of Australia’s south eastern rivers and the wine that is made from the produce of these vines is very good indeed.

As you open the wine and pour a little into your glass you get fresh green fruits and pear notes on the nose. The wine is a very pale colour which has a hint of green in it. As you taste it, pear and tangy citrus flavours come through on the palate yet this wine has some body and a creamy feel on the tongue making for a refreshing mouthful with some acidity and good length. We drank the wine on its own and it is a good wine to drink at any social occasion. The label suggests that it would pair well with more delicate fish and poultry dishes as well as a spicy Thai curry and from our tasting I can see that it would. It is sufficiently robust, but its clean fresh flavour would work very well with white meats and fish and would be a great refreshing mouthful after something more challenging.

The Hardys Pinot Grigio, can be found widely across local retailers and has a RRP of £5.79. For more information about Hardys wines go to www.hardys.com.au