Cocktails for Easter and Summer. The makers of Tanqueray® gin have teamed up with some of the country’s leading style bars to produce a range of refreshing summer cocktails. With the intense flavour of Tanqueray®, each cocktail is easy to make at home’Zest for Life’

‘Zest for Life’

(2.2 units alcohol)

Rick’s Bar, Edinburgh, EH2 1LH

• 50 ml Tanqueray gin
• 4-6 lemon wedges
• 4 coriander stalks
• 25ml of sugar syrup
Take a high ball glass, place length cut lemon wedges into glass with ripped coriander, muddle all together. Add crushed ice, and ingredients, churn, top up with more crushed ice to seal the drink, garnish with coriander stalks.

‘Kirsch and Lemoncello Tanqueray Presse’

(3 units alcohol)
Bonds Bar, London, EC2R 8AY

• 25 ml Tanqueray gin
• 15 ml Kirsch liqueur
• 15 ml lemoncello
• 10 ml maple syrup
• 10 ml lemon juice
• 50ml dry white wine

Take a large wine glass and chill. Mix all ingredients together well apart from the wine. Pour into glass and top up with white wine. Garnish with fresh kirsch

‘Charles’ Easter Treat’

(1.6 units alcohol)
Brookes Cocktail Bar, Cardiff, CF10 1BR

• 37.5 ml Tanqueray gin
• 25 ml of Coriander infused sugar syrup
• 5 ml of Elderflower cordial
• A splash of fresh lime juice
• ¾ fresh raspberries
Muddle the raspberries, lime juice and coriander infused syrup, add the elderflower cordial and the Tanqueray gin and shake. Fine strain into a chilled margarita glass.

‘Sugar and Spice’

(2.2 units alcohol)
Rick’s Bar, Edinburgh, EH2 1LH

• 50 ml Tanqueray gin
• One handful of red grapes
• 3/4 sage leaves
• 20 ml lemon juice
• 20 ml sugar
• Tonic water
Squeeze and drop grapes into a shaker, rip sage leaves and add all ingredients except tonic. Shake with ice, pour all ingredients including ice into a long glass, top with tonic water and garnish with sage leaves or grapes.

‘Tanqueray triple chocolate’

(2.6 units alcohol)
Massis Bar, London, W2 6HY

• 35 ml Tanqueray gin
• 25 ml Godiva white chocolate liqueur
• 15 ml dark crème de cacao
• 50 ml milk and double cream
• Yolk of one egg
• Bar of milk chocolate
Shake all ingredients (except chocolate bar) vigorously. Double strain into a martini glass. Garnish with coarsely grated chocolate on the top.

‘Tanqueray Honeysuckle’

(2.3 units alcohol)
Menzel Bar, Sheffield, SN11 8NX

• 40 ml Tanqueray gin
• 10ml Aperol
• 3ml Crème de Peche
• One spoon of honey
• Squeeze of Pink Grapefruit
• One egg white (optional)

Shake all ingredients and strain. Serve in a chilled Martini Glass.