The range of traditional Spanish Brandies, Carlos I are the number 1 Brandy de Jerez in the world, selling in over 100 countries worldwide and the premium leader in most markets.

The range includes the iconic Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva, Carlos I Imperial XO, Carlos I Amontillado, Carlos I Pedro Ximénez and super premium Carlos I 1520. Carlos I make for the perfect gift for Father’s Day.


Geographical Influence – The Sherry Triangle

Carlos I is produced at El Puerto de Santa Maria at Grupo Osborne’s bodega of 250 years. Carlos I is a Brandy de Jerez which like Sherry is produced in a geographically protected region of production, known as the Sherry Triangle. The Jerez region of Spain is an area that benefits from a unique microclimate regulated by the surrounding waters of The Atlantic Ocean, the Guadalete and Guadalquivir Rivers along with the prevailing easterly Levante and westerly Poniente winds.

These weather conditions play a key role in the production and ageing of Carlos I Brandies. The microclimate together with the chalky soil is essential for the production and quality of the grapes, which has made the region famous for world renowned sherry and brandy production.

Distillation – This begins with the careful selection of the best Airén and Palomino grapes from which the wines are made.

Ageing – Carlos I is aged in American oak casks previously used to age Oloroso and Amontillado sherries for more than 20 years and provides Carlos I with its unique flavour. The Amontillado adds  almond and hazelnut flavours, while the Oloroso enriches Carlos I with nutty aromas, old oak and tannins giving it a noble and elegant flavour. Carlos I Brandy is aged in cellars which are over 250 years old.

Solera System – Carlos I is aged using the Solera system, an age old Spanish tradition of maturing wine in a staggered manner    

The Range CARLOS I SOLERA GRAN RESERVADeep amber colour with bold golden highlights. Intensely aromatic, with notes of vanilla and cocoa

Perfect Serve – Neat in a rocks glass with one or two ice cubes. Add a few drops of Angostura bitters on top of the ice and use a bar spoon to muddle with a strip of orange peel. The aromas of the Angostura Bitters enhance the woody notes of the brandy and the orange pairs perfectly with the vanilla, cacao and coffee notes. Carlos I is a versatile brandy that can also be enjoyed in an Old Fashioned, Cuban or Carlos I Sour.

Food Pairing – Best paired with hazelnuts, almonds, dried apricots and cured cheeses or desserts such as tiramisu or melted chocolate.Carlos I RRP: From £32.99. ABV: 40%. Available from: BoothsMaster of MaltDrinkSupermarketAmazon and The Bottle Club


A beautiful, attractive, deep mahogany colour with subtle golden reflections. Aromas of noble oak unfold, with hints of walnut, fig and hazelnut 

Carlos I Imperial XO RRP: £50.99. ABV: 40% . Available from: AmazonDrinkSupermarket and The Bottle Club


A sophisticated and complex brandy. The production process lends it its character, as it is aged in centuries-old cellars, selected one by one, from the Solera de Amontillado La Honda, created in 1857. 

Carlos I Amontillado RRP: From £42.99. ABV: 40.3%. Available from: Master of MaltDrinkSupermarketAmazon and The Bottle Club


Aged in unique butts from Solera PX Viejo, founded in 1902. Mahogany colour with intense reddish reflections

Notes of caramelised oak, toasted cocoa nibs, black liquorice are in perfect harmony with the notes of sultanas and fig bread from the Solera PX Viejo

Carlos I Pedro Ximénez RRP: From £41.99. ABV: 40.3% Available from: Booths


Pays homage to the coronation of Carlos I as King of Spain and Emperor of the Holy Roman German Empire.

Dark mahogany, luminous with greenish reflections. Very intense and highly complex, with outstanding notes of noble wood, mahogany and evident touches of spice. Dry with hints of spice and a long finish

Carlos I 1520 RRP: £109.99. ABV: 41.4%. Available from: Master of MaltAmazon and The Bottle Club