Bird & Blend Co launches chocolate eggs in addition to their Easter flavoured teas this year.

Bird and Blend Co customers will be thrilled to hear that the brand has not only launched Easter inspired teas this year but also chocolate treats to go with them.

I’m talking about tea flavoured chocolate Easter Eggs such as Ice Cream Matcha chocolate egg and Earl Grey Crème egg.

  • Earl Grey Crème Chocolate Egg is an Easter treat with a tea twist, combining the flavours of chocolate and tea together. The tea infused egg is Earl Grey Crème Tea and oat milk chocolate. Available online and priced at £19.95.
  • Ice Cream Matcha Chocolate Egg, is white chocolate egg with added matcha – a popular combo, perfect as a spring treat. Available online at £24.95.

For tea lovers there are four Easter themed blends to choose from:

  • Cream Egg tea, from £6.70 with Sri Lankan black tea, cocoa nibs, cocoa shells, jasmine blossom and sunflower petals. The nations favourite Easter treat is given a tea twist which is vegan and sugar-free too.
  • Spring Sencha tea, from £8.93. – A tea with a brand new ingredient never before seen at Bird & Blend; Kukicha, or ‘Twig Tea’ – the stems and stalks of Sencha tea, Sencha is traditionally harvested as the first buds of springtime appear.  Perfect for green tea drinkers who enjoy a purer green tea taste
  • Hot Cross Bun loose leaf tea, from £7.55. At Easter time there are few things better than the aroma of currants, cinnamon and freshly baked buns wafting across the kitchen, so here you have it – Hot Cross Bun tea! 

Carrot cake comes in three versions this year:

  • Carrot Cake Matcha, Carrot Cake Sticky Chai & Carrot Cake loose leaf tea, from £7.15. The matcha combines all carrot cake flavours with the goodness of Japanese green tea powder, the sticky chai is made with freshly ground spices & wildflower honey and the loose tea is a blend of light rooibos tea which has been sprinkled with real carrot flakes & spiced to perfection