Mixtons is a new brand of canned cocktails, that tastes a little bit different from the rest.

Mixtons was created by a trio of taste-obsessed pals, reinventing classic cocktails with unexpected twists.

The four flavours include: lychee, dragonfruit, yuzu and chilli and create unique spins on the UK’s favourite tipples.

These cocktail combinations were specifically created for those in mind who are bored of the same recipes that all canned cocktails seem to have right now.

Mixtons wants to bring back the excitement that you have when you find a new cocktail recipe on a bar menu in an exciting bar – all in a can to enjoy wherever you want.

Co-Founder Xav Craine says: “We wanted to capture that feeling that you have when you see an incredible drink on a cocktail list with ingredients you’ve never tried before. Now you can have that in a can – unique and innovative flavour combinations, without any of the hassle of making it yourself. We’re bringing back the joy of cocktail discovery. The story of canned cocktails just got a plot twist!”

After realising canned cocktails only had 6 flavours available, founders Xav, Ranj and Sim started to come up with new and inspired recipes during lockdown as they socialised on zoom.

Friends loved them and within their first 12 months, they’d sold 200k cocktails, all created and delivered by hand, by themselves from Sim’s kitchen to now having 2 upcoming major retail listings, being stocked at the O2 and being exclusive cocktail partner to over 30+ festivals across the summer and Winter Wonderland.

From surfing waves (Xav and Ranj are both from Cornwall) to making waves in the canned cocktail industry, the Mixtons taste-obsessed trio now have a range of 4 unique and ‘classic cocktails with a twist.’

This is not a brand that will be pushing fancy martini glasses or elaborate garnishes – the Founders – and their customers – love the outdoors -festivals, music, getting together with friends al fresco.

The name Mixtons also has an interesting story behind it. The founders originally wanted to call them Knocktails but turned out that was already a thing, as they were told by the brand’s lawyer. The Lawyer in question was called Mr Dixton, which inspired ‘Mixtons’ brand tag.

Guilty Passion is a succulent tropical twist on a Passion Fruit Martini with vodka, passionfruit, mango and lychee. It’s tropical and creamy with a nice froth like it was just shaken in a mixer.

Dragon Mojo is an exotic fruit twist on a classic Mojito with rum, mint, kiwi and dragonfruit. It features a clear kiwi flavour and very light mint and dragonfruit.

Spicy Melons was originally a mistake – Ranj accidentally mixed two recipes together and this was the result – and friends LOVED it. It’s made with tequila, lime, watermelon and chilli. It full of melon with a spicy kick, definitely not for the faint – hearted.

Forbidden Zest is the Mixtons take on a classic Aperitif – a perfect alternative when Spritz Season hits. It has gin, blood orange, pink grapefruit and zesty yuzu.

All Mixtons cocktails are 8% ABV, Gluten-free and in fully recyclable cans. Available from www.mixtons.com. Priced from £22.50 for 6.