SOMRUS is a range of rum infused cream liqueurs ‘inspired by India and made for the world,’ that’s just landed in the UK. Can it beat our local hero?

These new liqueurs are made with fresh dairy cream, 5X Distilled Rum and ingredients from the East including the legendary Alphonso mango, cardamom, saffron, chicory and rose. In fact the name SOMRUS means ‘Nectar of the Gods’ in Hindi, whereas Bailey’s just means it in English.

SOMRUS was also regarded as divine beverage that “had the power to prevent the human body from degeneration.” Although that may not be the way you feel the next morning as it goes down very easy and is a tasty 15%

You can’t avoid the B word when talking about creamy coffee liqueurs. Their original Irish Cream is a benchmark, although they’ve since branched out into a rather bewildering variety of drinks since 1974. It contains chocolate and als Nesquik as well as some secret ingredient. Nesquik? Who knew?

SOMRUS Coffee Cream Liqueur is different, no Nesquik, and much more interesting. Made from roasted coffee and chicory, with handcrafted rum and real dairy cream it goes down a treat, neat, and also makes an excellent Expresso Martini. We also tried some recipes from the website – Urban Bourbon Lift, Cafe Mocha, and an Irish Coffee Express. The mix in the bottle means you shortcut a lot of stages.

SOMRUS Mango Cream Liqueur is made with Alphonso Mangoes (obviously). Alphonso Mangoes are the most sought-after, and one of the most expensive varieties of mango, famous for their taste, fragrance, vibrant colour and short growing window.

It makes a pleasant if rather sweet drink on its own, but is very nice poured over vanilla ice cream to elevate a freezer staple to proper adult enjoyment.

it also pairs perfectly with tequila, vodka and makes refreshing drinks, and decadent desserts. We found the Mangotini we made to be very more-ish, although with both vodka and rum in the drink it can sneak up on you strength wise and it’s best to take it easy.

Both SOMRUS went down a treat, and because the cream is in alcohol an opened bottle has a pretty long cupboard life, although it will not, as my mother believed, last forever. Our same bottle of Baileys came out for at least six Christmases but by the seventh only she was still drinking it.

SOMRUS Coffee and Mango Cream Liqueur: ABV:15% | RRP from £19.99 for a 70cl bottle. Both available on Amazon

SOMRUS Espresso Martini:

2 parts SOMRUS Coffee | 1 part Vodka | 1 part Espresso

In an ice-filled shaker, add ingredients and shake. Strain and pour. Garnish with Coff

SOMRUS Mangotini Cocktail


3 parts Somrus Mango

1 part vodka


In an ice-filled shaker, add ingredients and shake. Strain and pour.


Mango slice