French style brandy, Bardinet, is celebrating the latest addition to its range – Bardinet Inspirations – with a new series of cocktails.

Bardinet’s award-winning mixologist Adrian Gomes has used the new expression to create three ‘dessert cocktails’, based on the celebrated Tarte Tatin, Crêpes Suzette and Mousse Au Chocolat recipes.

A dessert and digestif all in one, they’re a fun, creative ‘sweet treat’ for any festive gathering.

Made from carefully selected grapes, Bardinet Inspirations is aged in oak barrels giving this new brandy a smooth
rich flavour profile. Featuring a stylish new bottle and modern design, the brandy’s, fruity, vanilla notes add depth of character that’s perfect for cocktails and long drinks.

Adrian explains: ‘These three serves are really easy to make at home, they taste amazing and they can be recreated with just a few extra ingredients. Forget puddings on a plate, this is a great way to delight your guests with a surprising after-dinner treat that delivers on sweetness and flavour! ‘We really hope that our campaign
inspires drinkers to be bold with their drinks at home and explore how brilliant
and versatile Bardinet is for experimenting with cocktails over Christmas.’’

Bardinet’s Crêpes SuzetteA classic dessert of crepes with caramelised sugar, butter and orange. This sour-style drink is offsetwith a delicious sweetness.

Bardinet Crepe Suzette serve.

35ml Bardinet Inspirations
15ml orange liqueur
30ml Monin Caramel Syrup
30ml clementine juice (freshly-squeezed or not from concentrate)

Mix and serve neat in a stemmed cocktail glass with an orange twist.

Bardinet’s Tarte Tatin
Why ‘let them eat cake’ when they can drink it! The flavours of vanilla and apple in a glass.

Bardinet Tarte Tatin serve.

35ml Bardinet Inspirations
50ml pressed/cloudy apple juice
2 drops vanilla extract
Brothers Toffee Apple English Cider

Mix the Bardinet with the apple juice and vanilla. Pour over ice in a highball glass, top with the cider and serve with a green apple garnish and a light dusting of icing sugar.

Bardinet’s Mousse Au Chocolat
This creamy cocktail is made from only two key ingredients and can be made in moments with a stick blender.

1 generous scoop of good quality chocolate ice cream
25ml of Bardinet Inspirations

Add the frozen ice cream and Bardinet to a jug and blend. Pour into a long stem glass and garnish with your favourite festive topping – try grated chocolate, nutmeg or cinnamon.

Bardinet Inspirations is bottled in 70cl, ABV 37%. RRP: £22 It is exclusively available from Asda throughout December and will be rolled out to other retailers next year