Bombay Sapphire expects more and more bars to experiment with molecular mixology. You can beat them to it with these recipes (drunk by one of our willing freelancers, during a stunning boat trip along the Thames) – or by creating your own fantastical mixes by stirring up your imagination.

Sweet Sapphire Collins

50ml Bombay Sapphire

100ml soda water

5ml sugar syrup

Miracle Frooties

Freshly cut wedges of grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange

  1. Allow a Miracle Frooties pill to dissolve slowly in your mouth
  2. Pour Bombay Sapphire over ice, top with soda water and stir in the sugar syrup
  3. Drink to refresh your palate between sucking on citrus wedges

Gold Bronx

20ml Bombay Sapphire

50ml Martini Prosecco

15ml Martini Gold

35ml freshly squeezed orange juice

1ml Orange Bitters

Orange zest

  1. Pour Bombay Sapphire over ice
  2. Add other ingredients, sprinkling orange zest on the top
  3. Infuse your imagination