A few Knock Dhus (rather than don’ts) when it comes to enjoying anCnoc whisky

A good single malt is often top of the list for gifts on Father’s Day. With this year’s event fast approaching (20th June), the passionate team at Knockdhu Distillery, the home of anCnoc Highland single malt Scotch whisky, have shared a few secrets as to how ‘they’ enjoy anCnoc, to offer inspiration and insider tips for anyone new to whisky.

From food pairings to the perfect setting, Distillery Manager Gordon Bruce & co reveal how to make the most out of three of their favourite whiskies, all of which would make great gifts for Father’s Day or a whole host of special occasions. From birthdays and post lockdown family gatherings, to drinks with friends or a relaxing evening unwinding alone, anCnoc has a dram for every occasion.

If you’d like to add whisky to your growing lists of interests, the team suggest starting with a few basic tips to get you started.

1/ The next time you pour yourself a whisky, it’s worth initially trying it neat. Although many people drink single malt with a few drops of water, others like the bold alcohol flavour in different drams. Try it and see what you think.

2/ If the taste is too strong for your taste buds, then add a few drops of water. Why water? A splash helps you smell more of the single malt’s aromatics and flavours – but make sure it’s at room temperature. Pick up a few drops on a straw (just hold your finger over the top) and add one drop at a time to your dram. Swirl, taste and repeat until you find the flavour that you are looking for. 

3/ After that – keep experimenting! Try different single malts, food pairings, whisky cask finishes and bottlings. There are so many single malts available and that’s part of the fun. There’s bound to be one that’s just right for you.

The WhiskyNoseTasteOccasionPair with
anCnoc 12 year old A great all- rounder that’s ideal for both enthusiasts and whisky newcomers alike RRP £36.95Sweet, smooth, soft, honey and citrusSoft, gentle, sweet and smoothThis is a real ‘any day whisky’, it’s very approachable and easy to drink. If you fancy a whisky mid-week post dinner, than this expression really hits the spot – a great accompaniment to your favourite TV show.Orkney cheddar, parmesan (the cheese saltiness bounces off the whisky’s sweetness) or tantalise your taste buds with some good quality vanilla ice cream
Peatheart The perfect whisky for fans of peated single malt, or lovers of strong flavours RRP £52.00A lovely balance of bonfire/ ashy wood smoke, toffee/ vanilla and citrusSweet citrus and vanilla with a subtle balance of smokeFriday night with friends sitting at the kitchen table with good cheese and craic.  If it’s dry outside… than its great drunk round a bonfire. And if you want to embrace BBQ season – it tastes superb misted on to a steak pre BBQBlue cheese, parmesan, smoked salmon, gravadlax or with BBQ meats
anCnoc 18 year old A great whisky if you want to really treat someone RRP £73.00  Dried fruit sweetness, citrus and toffee/ vanillaSherry dried fruit sweetness, citrus and vanillaThis whisky is a great dram to enjoy with friends, however it’s also the perfect dram to pour yourself at the end of a long week… just sit back, sip and savour that alone time.Chocolate (Green & Black’s organic selection box is the distillery team’s favourite)

anCnoc is produced at Knockdhu Distillery, built in 1894 and one of the smallest and most enchanting in the Scottish Highlands. It is renowned by malt enthusiasts worldwide for bringing a contemporary twist to the traditions of fine malt whisky, producing a single malt that is accessible and versatile for all occasions. www.ancnoc.com