jAGA, a newly launched wellness brand, is on a mission to redefine the world of nootropic and health drinks.

jAGA’s journey began with founder Lisa Jefferies, who nurtured a passion for health and wellbeing. As a result she also embraced a sober lifestyle, only to become increasingly frustrated with the lack of exciting, non-alcoholic options available.

So she embarked on a quest to find a real alternative to the usual sugar-loaded mocktails and soft drinks. To share her creation she first tried them out in her ‘brunch and beats’ café jAGA in Market Harborough.

The café specialises in healthy brunches, superfood juices, shots and smoothies. The jAGA creations proved to be increasingly successful, which encouraged her to share them with the world.

And so Jaga alcohol-free sparkling drinks and health shots were born. The beverage range is all-natural and cleverly combines sparkling water with ancient and healing mushroom medicines and nootropics, for the ultimate beverage. 

It’s sourced from natural ingredients, with no added sugar, the drinks aim to help customers feel more energised, less stressed and simply, more like themselves!

Customers can choose between 330ml sodas or 60ml health shots.

The sodas are a range of refreshing sparkling drinks that are powered by a calming and uplifting blend of adaptogenic Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms, along with Ashwagandha, Magnesium, L’Tryptophan and L’Theanine.

I’ll do a little break down on the words here. Reishi is a fan shaped fungi native to East Asia that grows on trees. It’s known to improve immune system, reduce stress and improve sleep.

Ashwagandha or wintercherry is native to India, Middle East and parts of Africa is a type of evergreen shrub, known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and also enhance immune system.

While L’Tryptophan is an amino acid necessary for making proteins, it’s commonly found in red meat, poultry and dairy. It’s not made by the body and needs to be consumed in a diet.

Finally, L’Theanine is also an amino acid but on the contrary mostly found in green and black tea and some mushrooms. It’s also meant to reduce insomnia, stress and anxiety.

No argument here the drinks intrigued me so of course I decided to sample a few. The jAGA drinks come in a variety of flavours – Pomelo and Passionfruit, Mixed Berry, Mexican Lime & Mint and Watermelon.

The cans are aluminum and 100% recyclable with a breakdown of the ingredients and their little images. My top favourite was Watermelon, light on the tongue and very watermelony even with hints of a bubble gum. I enjoyed it slightly chilled, it’s sweet but not overpowering. And light pink in colour.  

Watermelons are one of my favourite fruit, but tasty watermelon flavoured drinks are hard to come by as most of them taste rather synthetic. This is not the case here. As for the health benefits, I’m not entirely sure.

I wish I didn’t know the drinks information as it’s possibly having a bit of a placebo effect here. But is it a good one? Yes, I’m definitely feeling more refreshed and stress free.

I also liked the Mixed Berry, with subtle wild berries notes especially blueberry. It reminded me of autumn somehow, so perfect timing.

I’m a fan of pomelo, but I’ve never tried a combination of Pomelo and Passion Fruit, strangely they work. Both fruits have quite unique flavours already but together they compliment each other. It’s tropical with a pomelo citrus note.

I also tried the Mexican Lime & Mint, the most refreshing out of the four. It’s a summer drink or, if you crave summer flavours this it the one for you.

As regards to the shots they’re made slightly differently. Designed to target or encourage more specified areas for pick-me-up or wind-down, to be exact. The flavours are also a lot more concentrated in them.

The shots come in 60ml glass bottles and are handy on-the-go. With pastel colours and matte finish, they feel a little bit like little health potions. (pack of 10 for £25)

  • There is jAGA Awake which is a morning shot, it’s made with a single shot of cold brew espresso, combined with MCT and L’Theanine to boost cognitive function and energy levels. MCT is a form of oil typically made from coconut oil, it gives energy fast.  Taste wise – the shot is like a tastier slightly creamier espresso.
  • jAGA Energise – made to reduce inflammation and help boost immune system. It’s made from ginger, turmeric and a hint of black pepper to aid absorption. This is not my cup of tea as I’m not a fan of the first two ingredients so it had to be tested on my friend who loves ginger. It’s fiery and with a punch of ginger spice and she enjoyed it.
  • jAGA Detox with activated charcoal, ashwagandha, milk thistle, apple and lemon is made to help cleanse and support the digestive system. It’s velvety, and even milky, smooth with refreshing apple notes. This was one of my favourites.
  • jAGA Collagen also with berries, blueberry to be precise, but in a more concentrated level than the sparkling drinks. It’s made with beneficial ingredients that can help aid gut health, improve appearance of skin and help boost immunity.
  • jAGA Calm – the shot to unwind and relax before bed time. Made with ingredients such as pineapple, lemon and ashwagandha to help create balance and tranquillity in your mind and body. I was surprised to find pineapple on it but despite giving a slightly tropical feel it’s a great shot to sip before bed time. 

jAGA drinks are available to purchase from their website. jAGA shots are £25 for 10 bottles. jAGA soda are £20 for 8 cans.