Invited to a boozy brunch on an otherwise dreary Friday, and armed with an awful hangover, Nick needs so second asking.

Nothing tackles a hangover like a proper Bloody Mary and no one makes tomato juice like Longbottom & Co

Underground in the studio of Greg Williams ,who has been the official James Bond photographer for over 20 years, and also the official photographer for Longbottom & Co, there’s a large bar beneath all his amazing photos. Also here is Emma Wykes, co-founder of Longbottom & Co and her team and there’s a top mixologist making the Marys.

Some are virgin, some are classic and one is made with gin, yes gin. 

The range offers two premium, tomato drink varietals: Longbottom & Co Tomato Juice Gently Spiced and Virgin Mary, the first pourable pairs of Mary mixers without the alcohol. They are all free from artificial ingredients, GMO’s and are vegan-certified.

Greg Williams tells us he flies a lot for his job and always likes a tomato juice drink, in fact he’s not alone, tomato juice is consistently in the top three soft drink purchases on board, but was disappointed with the quality.

So he’s happy that the Longbottom range is now on two of the UK’s main airlines, as well as in airport lounges. In fact he’s not alone, tomato juice is consistently in the top three soft drink purchases on board.

Apparently and according to research, altitude and cabin pressure alter the taste buds and smell receptors and passengers crave the sense of umami, the Japanese term for the elusive balance of sweet and salty flavour which is enhanced. Tomato juice is strong in umami hence its appeal to passengers flying at 30,000 feet.

Emma tells us that they only use the finest real juice, never from concentrate, made with fresh-pressed Pear and Canary Spanish tomato varieties, known for their sweet and balanced flavour.

The tomatoes are pressed at a lower temperature to retain freshness and taste which avoids that familiar  ‘soup-y’ cooked tomato consistency in the drink. The tomatoes are grown less than two hours from the juicing facility in Southern Spain, where the climate is perfect for quality tomatoes.

The farmers use drip-irrigation techniques and non-invasive biological control. The tomatoes are GMO-free and can be traced to the very plot where they were grown thanks to Longbottom & Co’s strong relationships with its suppliers.

The Longbottom & Co range comes in recyclable aluminium cans. These cans have an 88% reduction in weight, in comparison to glass bottles lowering the energy used for transportation significantly, whilst also having a 67% greater space efficiency when packed.

The Marys were marvellous, the brunch from Riding House Cafe superb. Bond would approve. Mary too.


Longbottom & Co Tomato Juice – RRP: £24 for 12 x 250ml. Available from: Longbottom & Co

Longbottom & Co Virgin Mary – RRP: £18 for 12 x 150ml. Available from: Longbottom & Co and Amazon