When it comes to enjoying decent and affordable wines without breaking the bank, supermarkets often have the answer, says Luisa, after tasting  Morrison’s and Aldi’s new range. 

Supermarket wine aisles have so much to offer, but it’s sometime difficult to spot great value wines amongst the many promotions.

With the festive season coming up, it’s time to take a look at what’s on offer at Morrison’s and Aldi’s, just two of the supermarkets which are pulling out all the stops to offer excellent wines at great value.  In an uncertain economic climate, this is what we all want. 

Morrison’s say that, whether it’s a simple accompaniment to a midweek meal, a celebratory treat or a festive tipple, they have something for everyone.  Among almost 200 wines to choose from, find the newly launched  ‘Value Range’ (in store from beginning of November).

I tasted the Morrison’s Soave at £4.89, the Silver Mine Sauvignon Blanc and the Chardonnay both at £4.79, the Morrisons Pinot Noir also at £4.79, and a terrific Isoletta Nero D’Avola at £5.50 – and I could not believe my well-trained tastebuds.

It’s not just the price, it’s the drinkability and the quality of the wines in this range that impressed me. The Sicilian Nero D’Avola, grown where vines are surrounded by beaches, is a symbol of Sicilian viticulture. Packed with flavours of spicy plums, a hint of black pepper, try it with pasta and meatballs for a match made in heaven. 

Or impress friends and family with a Chevalier St Martin Bordeaux at just £5.19, part of the same range, round and well balanced, cherry and plums and an elegant length. 

At the other end of the scale, I tried wines from their ‘Premium Range’ which range from £13 to £25. I loved the Best Marques de Los Rios White Rioja Reserva at £13, reminiscent of a good white Burgundy, a little known fact not many people know about. And a beautiful Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riserva at £17, worth every sip.

Festive Drinks –  not just wines – are always a winner at Morrison’s. I have been buying their Morrison’s The Best Palo Cortado Sherry at £6.25 for a 37.5cl bottle for some time, and I keep on going back for more. Nutty, dry and quite rare. 
Give the Radicini Sparkling wine from Moldova a go as you will not be disappointed. At £7, it was the steal of the show among the sparkling wines!

Aldi’s did not pale by comparison, with an equally excellent selection of what I call ‘quality bargains’.  I felt like Christmas had come early.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Uruguayan Albariño at  £9.99 with its fruity notes of white peach and refreshing aromas of lemon, and for the Pierre Jaurant Bordeaux at £4.79 – yes, you read it right, a full bodied, fruit-forward gem at less than £5.

These are probably the best value quality wines I have tasted in a long time. 

Their award-winning house champagne Monsigny Brut needs little introduction, still one of the best champagnes around for the incredible price of £14.99.

But for me, the Cremant de Jura at £8.99 and the Cremant de Bordeaux Rose’ at £9.49, both from two of the most interesting French regions, really sparkled among all sparkling wines.

I should also mention that the alcohol free Zerosecco from Germany, at just £2.79, was really enjoyable on its own and it would please teetotallers out there, but it would also make a great low alcohol cocktail mixed with a spirit or liqueur. 

Don’t overlook the rose’ shelf when you are in Aldi, once again the Pierre Jaurant range of rose’ from France, at around £6 per bottle, are a real steal. 

A rather wicked Salted Caramel Espresso Martini at just £9.99 is part of the seasonal drinks line for the festive season (available from 7 November).

Too decadent for words and a great alternative to the more expensive Bailey’s. If you want to push the boat out, I would recommend the Specially Selected Sauternes at £10.99 for a 37.5 cl bottle, made by no other than the famous Chateau Suduiraut  (if you know, you know, if you don’t, just go and buy it). 

For a different after dinner tipple, don’t overlook Saveroni Amarone della Valplicella 2018 at £15.49 – a wine for meditation if there ever was one – or just drink it. 

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