This is the latest addition to its multi award-winning portfolio and like its predecessors comes from Old Pulteney’s northerly home in the Scottish Highlands.

It celebrates Old Pulteney’s connection to the sea and introduces drinkers to the coastal character of The Maritime Malt with the name coming from the point which joins Old Pulteney’s hometown of Wick to the North Sea.

Old Pulteney is in fact the only brand whose story, distillery, and whisky are shaped by the sea itself. The
unique combination of brisk sea air and meticulous cask selection makes its flavour unlike other single malt Scotch whiskies. 

It’s an approachable whisky that’s matured in a quartet of hand-selected fine American oak ex- bourbon casks, each imparting unique flavour profiles and cocooned by the sea air of the remote coastal distillery.

It’s a bright gold colour, with notes of creamy vanilla and coconut up front, followed by rich citrus of marmalade and tangerines, lemon drizzle cake sweetness and a spicy undertone of fresh oak.

Sweet tones of raisins and tropical fruits are balanced with darker tones of hot toffee and fresh tobacco leaf. The finish grows with rich fruit and spice to eventually turn into Old Pulteney’s signature mellow sea brine.

Old Pulteney Harbour retails at £34 and is available across the UK, exclusively at Tesco.