PocketSquare Skyline Bar & Terrace is a rooftop bar with stunning City views, elegant décor and vibrant cocktails each with a meaning, purpose and history.

January is all about health conscious approach to both body and the planet. Cara and friend had the pleasure of attending a fairly new spot in London and try out their Veganuary inspired menu, alongside signature cocktails and bites.

PocketSquare Skyline Bar & Terrace opened just last July. The stunning rooftop venue with an outdoor terrace and views over the City of London is just moments away from Aldgate tube station.

We started off with the newly created healthy options from the Cocktails Spa menu, which was specially designed by expert Bar Manager Kristian Smith and his team. The menu consists of 5 alcohol free cocktails and nutrient rich pairing dishes to go with them.

Each pairing was created to boost a different area of wellness. There is Energising with Crodino – an Italian non-alcoholic aperitivo, lemon juice, ginger and honey to improve immune system and energise.

De-Tox consisting of blueberry & juniper tea known for high levels of antioxidants partnered with pomegranate molasses and Crodino. The drink comes with actual air light froth, which was skilfully presented in front of me by a bartender and sprinkled with gold flakes.

I particularly enjoyed De-Tox it was light and fruity with pleasantly bitter sweet notes to it. And I’ve heard the gold leaf flakes have no calories, perfect for the January calorie counting.

De-Tox came accompanied with a protein rich yellowfin tuna and seaweed salad beautifully decorated with edible aromatic fresh flowers, red currant sauce drops and seaweed rice crackers. It was a simply delightful dish.

However, Cocktails Spa is not just about antioxidants and energising. The sweets craving guests were not forgotten when creating the menu. There is milky coconut chai based Relaxation cocktail and Happiness.

Happiness is made with a healthier dark, 70% dark chocolate to be exact infused Crodino and spiced orange cordial, perfect for keeping warm in January. Happiness goes perfectly with sweet and satisfying Mousse au Chocolat with pistachio biscotti and berries.

While Relaxation is paired with lotus root chips, the famous Japanese snack high in potassium, which is known to contribute towards lowering blood pressure. Could the chips perhaps be the secret to Japanese longevity diet? 

PocketSquare honours its neighbours being on the doorstep to the famed Brick Lane. The indoor décor combines luxury velvet and plush seating with artistic vibrant Brick Lane flair especially prominent in the menu prints.

PocketSquare signature cocktails list is also inspired by Brick Lane’s history, and celebrated names such as Czech photographer Marketa Luskacova who captured London markets in early 1970s.

There is a cocktail named after Marketa and influenced by the vibrant East London markets. Marketa  is Maker’s Mark whiskey, handcrafted 1757 Rosso vermouth topped with blue jelly and popping candy on a golden pineapple crisp leaf.

Marketa was my friend’s favourite. It was balanced with dried fig and clove notes, mild sweetness, spice and a whiskey touch. The cocktail is a perfect caption of everything you can find on the Brick Lane markets and more in a glass.

Then there was Anonymous infused by fruity Campari, Ceylon Arrack, which is a traditional Sri Lankan spirit made from coconut flower sap, Burlesque Bitters and palm sugar presented in quickly disappearing bubbly foam on top.

The foam is edible air and the cocktail is inspired by the anonymous and mysterious street artist figures such as Bambi and Bansky.

I mentioned the planet earlier for a reason. PocketSquare is environmentally conscious not just in January. The venue makes its own almond Orgeat syrup from surplus almonds used for the croissants in the Deli downstairs in the hotel and then adds it into Mi Irie cocktail.

Mi Irie contains single estate Jamaica Appleton rum, lime and the gut friendly Jamaican kombucha. The cocktail came topped with almond chips and boozy cherries. It was also my friend’s favourite. The drink would suit a rum lover who enjoys balanced almond notes with slight sweetness and acidity of kombucha.

PocketSquare also serves 100% British made vodka by Sapling, which offsets vodka production by planting trees across Britain. While Espresso Martinis in the Classic Cocktails list are made with Fair Vodka. The first fair-trade vodka made from quinoa grown by small farms in Bolivian Altiplano.

The beer and lager section is not shy of sustainability either for instance it has Toast Ale. A British brand with a head office next door. The beer is brewed from surplus bread in a combat against food waste. Bread is one of the most commonly wasted foods in the UK.

PocketSquare takes cocktail making to the next level including alcohol free cocktails. Cocktails Spa menu is definitely go for menu if you are tired of seeing the usual fresh mint topped Virgin Mojitos and rosemary topped Seedlip gin glasses in alcohol free menus.

But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself and let the talented staff tell the story behind the beautifully crafted drinks and food dishes.

Cocktails Spa menu is available till end of February.


PocketSquare at 9th floor, Hyatt Place London City East, 45 Whitechapel Road, E1 1DU