The Gun, the Spitalfields pub with a decadent interior including a real olive tree, has launched new pre-club sessions with DJ, prawn tempura and much more.

The Spitalfields pub, The Gun, has launched Night Lounge. It is the Gun’s new pre-club lounge sessions and Foodepedia tested it out on a Friday.

The Night Lounge takes place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7.30pm until close (midnight) with the DJ sessions, cool nibbles and cocktails for the pre-party.

Throughout the whole evening The Gun had a DJ playing cool vibes such as Disco, Funky House and Soul, perfect for a dance with a group of friends. We were not dancing yet, but a few groups were already waltzing to the DJ’s beats.

The Gun tells us its catalogue of DJs lined up for this summer includes Carly Foxx & Tasty Lopez a part of Future Disco, JOS from EYA Records, Loa Szala creator of Medusa Bloom plus many more…

There are also VIP tables and areas that can accommodate small or large groups, perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

I was quite impressed, despite the location being right on the border of Shoreditch The Gun remains a very neat venue. The décor is in fact even a little decadent.

Don’t get me wrong it does have the Shoreditch-style exposed brick walls and copper pipes, but it’s also a bit of classy Mayfair with attentive staff.

And the menu is diverse and creative. There are lasagna bites, a breaded mini lasagna designed for a few bites rather than a whole main size. It’s hands friendly too, no cutlery required.

There are classic arancini with rich tomato sauce, which were very moist and tasty. If we had to choose our favorites would be the tempura prawn and buttermilk chicken.

I visited with my Japanese friend and she loved the prawn tempura. It was a jumbo juicy prawn with crisp coating. The tempura got special points for authenticity, approved by a native.

The cocktails were also up to a high standard and fairly priced for the district. Along classics the Gun has an interesting list of their won such as Picante de la Casa: Cazcabel Silver infused jalapeno, lime juice an agave coriander. A very delicious mix but not for me sadly due to my jalapeno intolerance.

I enjoyed Camouflage: Tanqueray gin pea flower, lychee liqueur, Mediterranean tonic and limejuice garnished with a rose petal and mini marshmallow.

Although, I am not normally a gin lover I liked it. It had very subtle gin notes, with the Mediterranean tonic balancing out the sweetness of the lychee liqueur.  

While my friend sampled Mrs Fizz: St Germain, grapes, lemon juice, green tea, jasmine syrup and prosecco. It was perfect for a warm evening.

Overall, a very good venue to enjoy a dose of relaxed class for cocktails, good nibbles and attentive service, before heading out to the Shoreditch wilderness of clubs and bars.

E1 6AG