LANDMANN BBQs launch the Grill Academy with Chefs for Foodies

Are you interested in expanding your culinary skills on the BBQ? You can now join a real-time chef-led BBQ masterclass, complete with a food recipe box, where a renowned chef will lead you through the steps to create the perfect recipe from start to finish from the comfort of your own garden.

LANDMANN is the oldest barbecue manufacturer in Germany. Its story began in 1966 when founders Harmann Landmann and Bernd Hockemeyer took a trip to Canada and returned with Germany’s first ever barbecue. Along with their ambition and vision, LANDMANN was born. 

From its traditional charcoal beginnings, LANDMANN now offers everything from smokers and high-temperature gas grills through to sustainable electric barbecues.

The new LANDMANN Academy classes include:

For the full list of classes , chefs and BBQ boxes click here.

The classes will be interactive so not only are you face to face with the chefs, but you can ask questions as they take you through each step of the process.

Expert hints and tips will also be shared to get the most out of your BBQ, be it charcoal or gas, from LANDMANN’S expert team. You’ll even earn your own LANDMANN Academy  Grill Certificate at the end of the session.

Each ticket to the masterclass comes with a BBQ box of everything you need to cook – for either two, four or six people so your friends and family can taste the fruits of your BBQ labour as soon as it’s cooked.

The chef curated BBQ recipe boxes are packed with high-quality ingredients that have been expertly sourced and carefully measured.

It could also be the perfect gift for the foodie in your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Is it time to earn your own grill-side Michelin Star?

Prices start at £85 for a class including a BBQ box for two, great value for money!

To find out more or book your ticket please visit: