Uhuru is a spirit brand making rum and whisky to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, and which has wildlife conservation in Africa at the heart of its mission.

Uhuru is a passion project with a purpose, with 10% of its net profits donated to charity Tusk, which supports African wildlife conservation in Africa.

Uhuru has created a selection of delicious cocktail recipes, inspired by African wildlife, including:

·         Ornate Shovel-Snout’s Bite

·         Croc’s Crush

·         Ginger Rhino

Croc’s Crush


·         50ml Uhuru Rum

·         12.5ml lime juice

·         12.5ml sugar syrup

·         Fresh mint (keep some to garnish)


·         Blitz all ingredients together.

·         Pour into a glass garnish with fresh mint sprig.

Ornate Shovel-Snout’s Bite


·         50ml Uhuru Rum

·         25ml Mango puree

·         20ml Lime simple syrup: Sugar, Water, Limes, cumin seeds, cinnamon, black peppercorn, cardamon, cloves

·         2-3 drops Tabasco

·         50ml Tonic water

·         Ghost pepper


·         Heat up a dry pan and add cumin seeds, cinnamon, black peppercorn, cardamon and cloves until your kitchen is nice and fragrant. And grind them up.

·         Make a syrup out of water sugar, limes and the spice blend you just created. Cool it down.

·         In a tall glass add ice, Uhuru rum, syrup, mango puree

·         Tabasco time! 2-3 drops should be enough, but experiment at will

·         Top the drink with tonic water.

·         And top it with ghost pepper.

Ginger Rhino


·         50ml Uhuru Rum

·         150ml Bon Accord ginger beer

·         12.5ml lime juice

·         Fresh mint and lime wedge to garnish


·         Pick a tall glass of choice.

·         Fill it with ice cubes and add fresh mint

·         Pour in Uhuru Rum and Ginger beer

·         Squeeze in couple of lime wedges

Want to experiment? Try adding couple of dashes of bitters or some mint syrup