Allotinabox kits contain all that you need to start growing your own vegetables and herbs anywhere, from a window sill in the city to a vegetable patch in the countryside. Each kit comes with full planting instructions, growing guides, seeds, plant labels, jute twining and a grow wheel as well as some special gardeners soap.

You can grow anything from Aubergines to radishes, rocket to parsley, and through their website you can also purchase single seed packets as well as other goodies when you get really keen! A box that costs £12.99 will yield around £50 worth of produce so its a winning situation. Boxes fit through letterboxes too – so no delivery worries!

ALLOTINABOX® aim to get you started growing vegetables and fresh fruit. Grow Your Own urban boxes are tailored to almost every environment. The seeds that they provide in their seasonal boxes and in webshop are chosen because they are easy to grow, and relatively trouble free compared to those that require more looking after, and a much more patience.

Because there are hundreds of seed varieties available today, they’ve made the selection easier for you by including everything in one recyclable box to get you growing. Not only that but they have tired and tested the ALLOTINABOX® varieties and with certainty that not only will you love growing them, but the varieties such as carrots, spring onions, rocket, chives and tomatoes will taste truly delicious come harvest time.