Where there is chocolate there is orange – as artisan chocolatiers and well-known big brands always seem to discover. Those nice people at Fox’s sent us a packet of their new Limited Edition Rocky Double Choc Orange biscuit bars and cheered us up on a chilly winter day.

Fox’s seems to have found the ideal level of sweetness for me, designated taster of the sample – slightly restrained, not overly-sweet and, yes, I’m describing the biscuit. With a higher than average proportion of orange to chocolate – a generous layer of orange cream runs through the whole thing – and a light but crunchy biscuit base adding a third dimension, it is extremely satisfying texturally and flavourfully.

They come in packs of nine (goodness, I had no idea I’d eaten that many, so light and easy they were to munch) for an RRP of £1.59 in all major supermarkets.

Give three away and pretend it was a pack of four???