It’s clever. Resealable packs of Fox’s chocolate Mini Melts. The idea is that you dip in, eating one at a time, or maybe two, well perhaps three, reseal the pouch and put them away until you next deserve an indulgent reward. Which means you need willpower.

If you can resist temptation – or don’t need to worry about your hips, chins, bingo wings or midriff – I recommend them to you. If you can’t, or if you can cope with losing count of calories instead of losing weight, be prepared to eat your way through a pack in one sitting. Or, as I found, standing (I didn’t even make it to the sofa; they just went: all 125g of them). And then I noticed that the press release said they are ideal for sharing.

Each Mini Melt is made up of two crunchily light rectangular biscuits (a bit bigger than a large first class stamp) sandwiched together with a rich chocolate filling – smaller versions of Fox’s hugely popular, grown-up sized Melts that top the indulgent biscuit list. This segment of the biscuit sector is worth a maxi-sized £10.5m and is increasing by 8.5 per cent a year. It’s as if all we do is eat luxury biscuits (she says, innocently).

I tested the Viennese Double Chocolate – the biscuits are darkly chocolatey. In the Viennese Chocolate version the chocolate centre lies between two mini buttery non-chocolatey biscuits. Which must mean it’s ok to eat more of them?

You’ll find them in major supermarkets and other big retailers. Best bought in bulk.