For those with food intolerance allergen-free foods are an essential. But there are also growing numbers of people who put health and wellness at the top of their agenda and for whom freefrom foods are a lifestyle choice. That’s why a new range called It’s A Free World! will have such a warm welcome across such a broad group of food savvy consumers.

Authentic, all natural, low calorie It’s a Free World! classic recipes from around the world add a welcome touch of the exotic that can be enjoyed at home, at work, travelling or outdoors. It’s a Free World! Dishes have a long shelf life, need no fridge, are ready to heat and eat in minutes and yet taste like home made. So there’s no trace of compromise in terms of taste, texture and freshness over convenience.

As Keith Gill of Tanfield Foods says: “Our range is free from nasties because we neither want, nor need to use them. We just take the best ingredients we can find, put them together in complementary taste combinations inspired by world classics and cook them to gentle perfection. That’s why I contend that careful eaters have never had it so good, because anyone, including those with food intolerances, is now free to enjoy pungent, fragrant, flavoursome food that marries convenience with restaurant quality food that all the family can enjoy.”

Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Tagine with fruit and harissa

A Moroccan inspired dish with harrissa, the ubiquitous spicy paste so essential to many North African dishes.Fragrant Thai Chicken Curry with red chilli coconut & rice A vibrantly flavoured curry dish that balances heat, sweet and sour in the classic Thai manner.

Indian Tikka Masala Sauce with creamed coconut andIndian herbs and spices

Mildly spiced and fragrant with perfectly balanced Indian spices.

Indian Korma Sauce with cumin, cardamom and rich coconut cream

A deliciously mild and creamy sauce taking it’s character from spices like cardamom, turmeric and cumin.
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Meals £3.25 – £3.35
Soups £1.65 – £1.75