At the risk of sounding sexist, there’s nothing the girls at Foodepedia like to see come through the door more than cakes. Well maybe George Clooney or chocolate, but definitely something sweet.

So GAIL’s Bakery get this week’s big cheer for sending round a box of their valentine specials. A heart shaped chocolate fondant filled with truffle, a heart almond cake with cranberry glaze, a dark chocolate ganache with a cranberry and raspberry centre and heart-shaped rose petal cookies.

Through mouthfuls the girls and the odd boy, very odd boy, made happy noises reminiscent of early 1970’s porn films, or so I was told. These were pretty lush cakes all right and here’s the money shot:

Heart Almond Cake £2.75

Chocolate Fondant £2.75

Dark Chocolate Ganache £3.60

Rose Petal Cookies £1.75

These little beauties barely hung around long enough to be photographed, but will make a more lasting appearance in the GAIL’s shops from February 12th for those lucky enough to live near one.

GAIL’s range of artisan breads are always available in Waitrose or via Ocado.