A recipe from Ponti’s Italian Kitchen – a tasty and hearty sauce for your pasta.


50g Butter

50ml Oil Olive

100g Onion

20g Garlic

2 & 4 Salsiccia – (Mild Sausage from Carnevale with finocchio and half piccante Napoli Carnevale)

200ml White Wine

100g Double concentrate of Tomato

Salt to taste

300ml Milk

50g Sage

10-15 Juniper Berries


1. Saute the onion with the sage leaves, juniper berries and garlic

2. Crumble, or chop, the sausage and add to the sauted mixture.

3. Add in white wine and reduce until almost evaporated

4. Add the milk and the double concentrate of tomatoes and then cook for about 1 hour on low heat.

Use this sauce with tagliatelle, orechiette, shell shaped pasta or bucattini. Add the cooked pasta to the sauce together with some parmesan and serve.