In Alba – the heart of Italy’s Piedmont region in the mountains near Turin – the foods of Cascina San Cassiano are created using exclusive, deliciously fresh local ingredients with NO preservatives and NO colourings. A number of the products are preserved using grape seed oil – making them not only delicious but light and healthy too!

The products are based on traditional Italian and Piedmont recipes using locally renowned ingredients such as rich Barolo wine, distinguished and fresh Alba truffles and crunchy hazelnuts – all enhanced with an exciting twist. This is why they so often win Italian International Gourmet Innovation awards at SIAL (the international food and drink show) within the Trends & Innovations section – most recently for their Mayonnaise with Balsamic Vinegar and colourful Four Seasons’ Pasta.

The products offer you extreme versatility in how you can use them and inspire creativity in the kitchen – they are equally delicious just as they are straight from the jar or as an ingredient to enhance your home cooking. With the Cascina San Cassiano range, you can create a perfect Italian meal at home with ease and pleasure.

Available exclusively via The Food Emporium, Cascina San Cassiano products cater for the full spectrum of tastes; savoury, salty, spicy and sweet:

Jams & Marmalades

The jams and marmalades of Cascina San Cassiano are truly sublime delicacies and include fresh Fig jam and Lemon and Orange marmalade with an indulgently high percentage of fruit.

Sweet Delights

For pure, natural sweetness at anytime, Cascina San Cassiano has a range of mousse, creams and cakes that include Raffinate Passioni (Cherries with delicious cocoa cream), Wild Rose Cream, Apricots in Moscat Wine Syrup and creamy Moscat Wine Mousse.

Aperitifs & Condiments

Ideal for aperitifs, Cascina San Cassiano has a range of delectable delights including Antipasto King, Salami in Barolo Wine, Tume Cheese with Black Truffle and Mixed Wild Mushrooms. There is also a mouth watering flavour packed range of sauces and creams that can simply be spread on bread as a snack or stirred through pasta or risotto to create a delicious meal – such as Asparagus Sauce, Pumkin Sauce and Olive & Aubergine Sauce.


Cascina San Cassiano’s range of pastas are a perfect fusion of innovation and tradition. For the adventurous among you these include Chocolate Pasta, Mixed Wild Berry Pasta and Saffron & Squid Ink Pasta. New to the range is the eye-catching award winning Four Seasons’ Pasta range.

Oils & Vinegars

For a unique touch to every dish, Cascina San Cassiano’s refined and exclusive selection of oils and balsamic vinegars ensures excellence is achieved at all stages of cooking and right through to the dressing. For that added touch of luxury, try the Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Truffles fresh from Alba.

Cascina San Cassiano products retail from £4.49 – £11.45 and are available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from The Food Emporium Ltd via