Being a fan of Kellys Cornish clotted cream ice cream, I wondered whether the addition of tangy blackcurrants would better an already heavenly dessert. All the way from Cornwall, made with a blend of Cornish whole milk, rich Cornish clotted cream and packed with whole tangy blackcurrants I was pleasantly surprised.

The sweet and sharp taste of the blackcurrants blended well with the clotted creams smooth creamy texture creating a wonderful mix of flavours. With the blackcurrants being full of vitamins and minerals not only does Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream have the taste factor down to a tee, it is also very good for you! Whether you prefer to enjoy it on its own or topped with fresh berries and an extra helping of Cornish clotted cream it is a quick and easy dessert the whole family can enjoy.

With over one hundred years of expertise, Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream is still churning out the only ice cream made in Cornwall but sold nationwide. Find it in your local Waitrose and Tesco stores at £3.99 for a 1- litre tub. Or go to and take a look at recipe ideas and more of Kelly’s of Cornwall products.