The recommended 5-a-day advice for eating fruits and vegetables can be a challenging target for most families. Recent figures suggest that the average consumption in England is less than three portions a day, with even lower levels among children and people on low incomes. Sprouting seeds, beans and leaves are among the most nutritious and delicious ways to increase daily vegetable intake and the new ready to eat “And Sow On” range of Alfalfa and Mixed Beans varieties has taken the hard work out of a better eating plan.

Attractively packaged for the chilled salad area, they make a handy and healthy snack on their own and can also bring a fresh crunch and great taste when added to sandwiches, soups, salads and stir fry. The range is now available in most of the bigger Co-operative stores, selected SPAR and Waitrose stores, as well as the entire Booths chain. The sprouting seeds and beans are grown without pesticides at the West Yorkshire nursery.

Grown under the careful watch of family company W.S. Bentley Ltd., these innovative products are part of an award winning range. Jan Bentley, Managing Director, W. S. Bentley says: “Varieties of our sprouting seeds and beans are sown, nurtured, grown and harvested to ensure maximum freshness. They can be on the shelf, washed and ready to eat within 48 hours of harvesting, yet still growing in the packs. You can’t get any fresher foods”

The latest addition to the range is an Alfalfa and Leek pack. Easy to digest and nutritious, they are also low in calories. The beans are rich in fibre and an excellent source of protein, phosphorous and iron. Carla Mills, Fresh Produce Buyer for The Co-operative says: “Healthy eating and good food are very much at the forefront of our strategy for 2009. We understand it is a lifestyle choice but these products are already being very well received by our customers and their recipes make them a real winner”. Each pack has recipe suggestions, giving fresh ideas for healthy eating. Visit online at