How many of us rack our brains at this time every year, wondering what we might get as a Christmas present for Dad, or Aunt Mabel. Well, the people at Pong Cheese might have the answer. Pong was created to bring together some of the very best cheeses, from leading independent and artisan producers in the UK, complemented with some classics from Europe. Pong have on offer a range of cheesy gift boxes and hampers that will suit all tastes and occasion. What’s more these range upwards from £13.95, so they don’t have to punch a great hole in your pocket. The Pong range is pretty substantial so you are bound to find some that will appeal to any palate.

We tried a small selection recently. The box decorated with Pong’s quirky logo and text arrived on the day specified by us, We opened it to find the cheeses packed in straw-like wood shavings with a small ice pack to keep it chilled and fresh. Inside, the four cheeses: Kidderton Ash, described as a delicate cream goats cheese, a waxed truckle of Red Devil with Chilli, a round of Black-eyed Susan, a handmade organic soft cheese and an organic Cotswold blue veined brie. We could hardly wait to try them.

We left all three soft cheeses out of the fridge for a good few hours before tasting. The Kidderton Ash goats cheese is indeed lovely and creamy, with a slight dry tangy edge to it, as you might expect and a good full flavour that lingers nicely in the mouth. The organic Cotswold blue veined brie is again beautifully creamy and full of flavour, given some sharp bite form the veins and like the Kidderton Ash, has great length in the mouth. The Black-eyed Susan has a voluptuous feel in the mouth, another brie style cheese, its skin is studded with crushed black peppercorn that balance it well giving your mouth a bit of tingly warmth as you eat it. The Red Devil with Chilli, has a big character, the red Leicester base has a fruity sweetness and that’s what you get first, then comes some tang with a chilli heat developing in the mouth at the same time. Although this is a hard cheese it breaks down beautifully in the mouth as you chew.

All four of the cheeses we tasted had great flavours and distinct character; the people at Pong are certainly bringing together some excellent products for their customers. So if you are looking for a Christmas gift idea that’s a bit different, why not get the cheese lovers among your family and friends like Dad, or Aunt Mabel, a gift pack from Pong, it’s a bit of a change from slippers and socks!

If you want to know more about this great gift idea, take a look at the Pong web site it’s easy to order and might well help you solve a few of your Christmas present headaches. You might even decide to buy some for yourself!