There’s plenty of oomph in oatmeal. If you want to enjoy an orgasmic breakfast-in-bed this Valentine’s Day, Rude Health suggests serving up a healthy portion of their organic porridge or muesli.

A bowl of ‘Morning Glory’ porridge, with creamy British organic oats, widely reputed to enhance libido by re-balancing oestrogen and testosterone levels, will help to keep your stamina up all morning thanks to their low GI score and iron content. And whilst you might give oysters a wide birth first thing, ‘Morning Glory’ contains zinc-packed pumpkin seeds for a high-octane sex-drive boost, also recommended to keep men in tip-top prostate health. Barley, rye and quinoa flakes combined with sesame and poppy seeds are added to Rude Health’s sensual recipe for a cheeky wake-up crunch.

The Rude Health barely dressed cook suggests adding stewed fruit, grated apple or a roughly mashed banana if you’d like your porridge to have a fresh and fruity edge or stir through a generous handful of dried cranberries. Not only will they taste great but will colour the oats a creamy shade of red, sweet and seductive, perfect Valentine’s fodder.

If ‘Morning Glory’ sounds too hard core and you fancy something just as easy but a little more fruity, Rude Health’s ‘Fruity Date’ porridge is a truly scrumptious alternative. Full of hot sticky dates, delectable and high in potassium, it is sure to set your sex-hormones racing. And it might just remind your Valentine to organise that special date…

Rude Health’s friends at the Brighton Sea Swimming Club, an up for it group who feature on the front of ‘Morning Glory’ packs, go swimming in the sea every day of the year, come rain or shine. No matter how chilly their extremities get, they know they can always look forward to some piping hot ‘Morning Glory’ porridge afterwards. Although perhaps after a nippy dip, for some ‘No Nuts’ muesli might be more appropriate. The lost nuts have been replaced by extra apple pieces, apricots, dates & raisins, and a handful of seeds for a subtle crunch.

Rude Health’s mueslis & porridges are available now in your local Waitrose, or online at You can also find Rude Health in health food, organic and deli shops. If you prefer, you can buy online at or call on 0845 465 7833 .

Rude Health Organic Foods was set up by a bunch of foodies in 2005 with one simple aim: to make breakfast cereals that they wanted to eat. This means that everything Rude Health makes has to be wholesome, organic, sustainable, good for you and, of course, totally scrumptious.

Rude Health use only the best ingredients and don’t add anything to their foods – that means no added salt or sugar, no artificial flavourings or preservatives and no GM ingredients.