Jordanian company Terra Rossa produce a wide range of interesting oils, but their range of products also extends to herbs, condiments, sweets and other products. Having recently come across Terra Rossa, I decided to sample some of their oils and the best way to do this, it seemed, was through their presentation box of six 50ml bottles of oils. This both to get a feel for and taste of their range of products. The box arrived, attractively presented, would make an excellent gift for any foodie person in your life.

Terra Rossa claim on their packaging that they choose ‘the best olives from the finest and oldest groves in the world dating back to biblical times.’ They also claim to blend them until the ‘distinctive aroma and flavour’ are achieved.

The Terra Rossa oils in the pack are all extra virgin olive oil, of the six bottles there are four infused oils and two natural oils. Of those the cold pressed oil has a good clean fresh olive smell and is light and fruity on the tongue with the slightest pepperiness in the background. It has a good mouth-coating consistency. The second natural oil is produced by the sinolea method, whereby the oil is harvested from the drips from the olive paste before it’s cold pressed and this gives it a deeper olive flavour, warmer yet equally fruity, with a lovely consistency. Each of these are excellent for dipping and would be great drizzled over salads or fine dishes that benefit from their delicate flavours.

The lemon infused oil has the slightest hint of lemon in its smell, created through crushing the lemon with the olives, this infusion has big flavour and a vibrant zestiness to it from the fruit. This would be excellent with salads, particularly with tomato, and would work really well with chicken, hot or cold, as well as most fish dishes; you might try flavouring the meat or fish with it before cooking.

The basil infused oil is beautifully perfumed by the herb and like the lemon infusion, the basil flavour comes through quite strongly. This also would be perfect for drizzling over salads, and like the lemon, would make a great partner for tomatoes; as we all know basil and tomato are a perfect combination. The oil would also work really well with chicken and some white fish, just lightly drizzled over them before serving.

The garlic infused oil is created by crushing both fresh and roasted garlic with the olives; it has a deep soft but unmistakable garlicky smell and a lovely garlicky flavour. I’d quite happily have this drizzled over salad too, it would work well with most meats and fish, it would also give a lift to freshly steamed green vegetables and new potatoes.

And finally the chili infused oil which is created by leaving whole chilis in the oil until it achieves its rusty colour. It’s a lovely infusion, which has mild heat that grows in your mouth eventually leaving you with a very pleasant after-burn. This would be great drizzled into some freshly cooked pasta, together with a good knob of butter and perhaps with some shredded chicken or lightly sautéed mushrooms.

Needless to say, all of the oils also work perfectly as dipping oils, that’s how we enjoyed them, using some crusty baguette. You could also experiment with them maybe by adding a little chili oil to any of the other infused oils to give them a little heat.

As well as selling pre-filled bottles, some retailers will also have 2.7 litre containers of the natural extra virgin olive oils which can be used to fill and re-fill containers of the customers’ choice.
For more information about their oils and other products, including gift packs go to the Terra Rossa site where you can also buy their products on line.