The Mediterranean diet is touted to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, so why not add Zizzi to the list of restaurants on your New Years’ Resolution eating plan. From 1st January – 28th February 2009, Zizzi’s is offering a three-course ‘menu della salute’ for £9.95, or a single course option at £6.95 for mains and £4.95 for starters. The healthy, hearty menu choices include Spaghetti Pomodoro, Risotto Funghi and Insalata Classica. The emphasis is on flavour and taste balance to show that nutritious food doesn’t have to be a culinary lull for diners who want to enjoy eating out.

Italians are some of the most passionate people in Mediterranean; they love to talk, love their families and most of all love good food. Time spent around a table with friends and family over a meal is highly valued and 69% of Italians are said to be quite happy in comparison to 55% of British people**, so perhaps we should take a leaf out of their book and embrace the Italian diet this January.

Liz Tucker, Independent Health and Wellbeing Consultant, comments: “An Italian diet, rich in plant foods, fresh fruit and olive oil, with a healthy balance of fish and lean meat, is one of the healthiest and the tastiest there is.” Tucker believes that the word ‘diet’ often summons up an image of dull, tasteless food with meager portions, but in reality healthy eating is all about good nutrition, combining wholesome, nutritionally dense, pure, high quality ingredients with balance and variety, which is what, traditionally the Italians do everyday. “To sustain healthy eating, you have to enjoy eating well as part of a balanced lifestyle,” she added. ” The New Year ‘Menu Della Salute’ at Zizzi offers a lighter range of meals, without compromising on the taste, so you can enjoy good food while restoring a healthy balance after the excesses of Christmas.”

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